CBB Review – Blessed Teresa of Calcutta: Missionary of Charity

CBB Review – Blessed Teresa of Calcutta: Missionary of Charity March 4, 2014

My wife Laura is back with another review for the Kids Corner. This time she reviews another book in Pauline Books and Media’s Encounter The Saints series.

How could anyone possibly sum up all Mother Teresa did in her lifetime into a children’s book? Well, Mary Kathleen Glavich, SND did just that in Blessed Teresa of Calcutta: Missionary of Charity (Encounter the Saints)another well-written book in the Encounter the Saints Series by Pauline Press. The book brings to life the life of a well-known modern saint-to-be. 

Young Agnes’ parents greatly influence her by their loving compassion for others; their example leaves a lasting impression on her. She feels God calling her to be a sister, as well as, a missionary. This biography follows each stage of Mother Teresa eventful life in amazing detail. The reader follows her as she leaves home and spends just two short months at an abbey in Ireland before setting sail for India. Here she teaches at a school near the slums that later would become her life’s work. Although she was a wonderful teacher and visited the poor often, she knew she was called to do more. “God meant her to serve the poorest of the poor”. She is again called – this time to start a new religious order whose sisters would actually live with the poor. The story continues, telling of the many numerous events of this little nun’s journey through life. Her good works were numerous. Her strength was extraordinary. Her love was immeasurable. This book shows it all. 

Both my daughter and I learned so much about this courageous woman in this simply-written and detail packed book for young readers. It is a wonderful and inspirational biography of a woman who saw God in everyone and willingly served God through them with love.


We received a copy of this book from Pauline Books and Media for this review. If you would like to learn more about the book or to purchase a copy click on the title in the review above.

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