CBB Review – Little Lamb Finds Christmas

CBB Review – Little Lamb Finds Christmas November 29, 2015

little_lamb_finds_christmas_spotlightThe Advent season is the time of year when children pull out their favorite Christmas books in anticipation of the arrival of Christmas Day. When it comes to those books some of them are ones they return to year after year. Cathy Gilmore has written one such book that I believe will become one of those titles. Little Lamb Finds Christmas is good enough to be a classic.

Cathy writes about the Lemi the lamb who has become separated from his shepherd and flock. Like any good shepherd, Sha-baa leaves his hundred sheep flock and searches for the one. He finds Lemi but the adventure only begins there. Sha-baa so happens to tend his sheep near the little town of Bethlehem. That night angels appear to Sha-baa and tell him that the King of Kings has arrived and they point him towards the newborn baby.

You will likely be able to tell what happens from there. Little Lemi the lamb gets to meet the baby who is humbly lying in a manger. The story of the nativity scene is beautifully retold through the eyes of Lemi. Some of the story is familiar but Cathy has added a twist. An unexpected visitor (at least for my daughters and I) was another king….a lion. This visit leads to a touching exchange of the king of the animal kingdom paying homage to the King of the world.

That addition may seem a little unusual but in the back of the book Cathy explains just why it may have actually happened. Unbeknownst to myself and my daughters, to this day there are lions that roam the countryside of Israel. They are cousins of the more well-known African lions. They are smaller, with thicker and darker fur.

I read this book with my two youngest girls and both of them enjoyed it. They were equally surprised as I was with the addition of the visit by the lion but that twist to me really made this story go from an ordinary retelling of the Nativity scene to a unique and extraordinary. I highly recommend you add this book to your Christmas time library and anticipate you will pull it out annually and often to enjoy it.


I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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