CBB Review: Saint Francis of Assisi – Gentle Revolutionary

CBB Review: Saint Francis of Assisi – Gentle Revolutionary March 11, 2014

Laura returns to the Kids Corner with her review of another entry in the Encounter the Saints series by Pauline Books and Media.

A baby boy was born in a stable one faithful night, his mother content amidst the straw as her bed. This was not how a noble was to be born. However, surprisingly, this was the unusual birth of Saint Francis of Assisi, son of a wealthy Italian merchant. This is just one of many surprises your young reader will find in the book Saint Francis of Assisi (4): Gentle Revolutionary (Encounter the Saints)
by Mary Emmanuel Alves, FSP.

We all know of St. Francis’ love of animals and nature, but there is so much more to this extraordinary man’s life. It can be found in this wonderfully written and detailed biography. Francis of Assisi has everything he could ever hope for – a life full of fancy clothes, parties, and good times. This book shows his amazing struggle with his father, as well as, himself in his quest to find what God is calling him to do. Giving up literally everything, even the clothes on his back, Francis begins his work as a brother drawing in many others to his life of poverty, preaching, and helping the poor, eventually forming a new religious congregation known as the Franciscans. Young readers will follow Francis as he asks for permission from the pope to start this new order and surprisingly learns why the pope finally allowed his severe way of life. These brother’s lives were simple and meek, but most importantly always joyful. 

This biography also briefly includes many of the little “miracles” in this little saint’s life. Birds flocking to him. A wolf obeying him. The Infant Jesus smiling at him. It is an inspirational read for children and adults alike as they follow Francis on his journey eventually accepting the stigmata and finally death. He left this world in poverty, “a prophetic fulfillment of his birth in the stable….completely detached from this world… [making] him worthy of the kingdom of heaven.” 

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