Nature shows us the Resurrection; Church Fathers: Day 009

Nature shows us the Resurrection; Church Fathers: Day 009 July 30, 2014

st_clement-of-rome_spotlight-2St. Clement of Rome tells us that belief in the resurrection should come natu­rally. God has given us signs everywhere: in the day and night, in the way seeds disappear and grow into fruitful plants. We should contemplate the constant resurrection of the natural world and learn from its example.

Think, dear friends, how the Lord continually proves to us that there will be a resurrection to come, of which he made the Lord Jesus Christ the first-fruits by raising him from the dead.

Contemplate the resurrection that is always going on. Day and night declare the resurrection to us. The night sinks to sleep, and the day rises; the day departs, and the night comes on. Look at the crops, how the grain is sown: the sower goes out and throws it on the ground, and the scattered seed, dry and bare when it fell on the ground, is gradually dissolved. Then out of its disintegration the mighty power of the Lord’s providence raises it up again, and from one seed come many bearing fruit. St. Clement, 1 Corinthians, 24


If we are like seeds destined to grow into plants, what does that tell us about our life with God after we die?


Father, you are the only source of growth and abundance. You help us plant our crops, and they yield their produce by your power. Lead me to share forever in the even greater gifts of heaven that are signified by the fruits of the earth.

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