Church Fathers, Day 295: Commodianus tells us overcome the things that make you fight

Church Fathers, Day 295: Commodianus tells us overcome the things that make you fight May 12, 2015

Commodianus tells us that all our wars and fights come from our evil desires. If we want a glorious victory, we should overcome our passions.

You wish to wage war, you fool, as if war were peace. From the beginning of the day to the end, you fight.

Lust gets you started, and there is war. Fight your lust.

Luxury persuades you. Forget about it, and you win the war.

Do not drink too much wine, so that it will not lead you astray.

Keep your tongue from cursing, because you use your tongue to praise the Lord.

Repress your rage. Make yourself peaceable to all. When you are weighed down with miseries, beware of trampling on those below you. Be a protector only, and hurt no one.

Walk in righteousness, untainted by jealousy. If you are rich, be gentle to those who have little. Give from your labor, clothe the naked. This is how you will conquer.

Do not set traps for anyone, since you serve God. Look at what began the downfall of the envious enemy.

I am not a teacher, but merely to proclaim the law is to teach it. If you expect to be a martyr to Christ in an instant without any work, you are using big words to no purpose.

–Commodianus, Instructions, 63


What puts me in a fighting mood?

How can I conquer that temptation and make peace instead?


God of mercy, you banish war and humble our earthly pride. Keep us all from violence, so that we may deserve to be called your children.

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