Church Fathers, Day 313: St. Augustine tells us to keep our perspective

Church Fathers, Day 313: St. Augustine tells us to keep our perspective May 30, 2015

st_augustine_1Keep your perspective

We get so caught up in our hopes and fears that we forget what’s really impor­tant. If we keep our eyes on eternity, says St. Augustine, nothing we’re afraid of and nothing we want can seduce us away from the right path.

Remember that Christ has promised us eternal life. “And this,” says John, “is what he has promised us, eternal life. I write this to you about those who would deceive you.”

Don’t let anyone seduce you to death. Desire the promise of eternal life.

What can the world promise? Let it promise anything—it may be making that promise to someone who will die tomorrow. And then how will you look when you go to the One who lives forever?

“But a powerful man threatens me, so I have to do something evil.”

What does he threaten? Prisons? Chains? Fires? Torments? Wild beasts? Yes, but not eternal fire. Fear what the Almighty threatens; love what the Almighty promises; and then the whole world becomes vile in our sight, whether it promises or terrifies.

–St. Augustine, Homily 3 on the First Epistle of John, 12


How does seeing things from an eternal perspective change what I fear or hope for?


Father, you raised your Son from the dead. Strengthen my hope in the resurrection, and bring me to live with him forever in joy.

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