The hierarchy imitates God, Angels: Day 034

The hierarchy imitates God, Angels: Day 034 August 24, 2016

angels_dionysius_2The hierarchy imitates God

Dionysius  the Areopagite explains that each member of  a hierarchy—among the angels or in the Church—finds  his own perfection in his own particular role in the greater organization.

Each of those who have been called into the hierarchy finds perfection in imitating God in his own way—and, what is more divine than all, in becoming a fellow-worker with God, as the Scriptures say, and in showing the divine energy in himself manifested as far as possible.

One of the rules of hierarchy is that some are purified and that others purify; that some are enlightened and others enlighten; that some are perfected and oth- ers perfect. The imitation of God will fit each one in this fashion.

The blessedness of God, to speak in human terms, is in fact unstained by any dissimilarity, and is full of invisible light—perfect, and needing no perfection; cleansing, illuminating, and perfecting. Indeed, we might say it is a holy purifica- tion, illumination, and perfection—above purification, above light, preeminently perfect. It is the source and cause of every hierarchy, perfect in itself, and raised far above every holy thing. –Dionysius the Areopagite, The Celestial Hierarchy, 3.1-2


Do I recognize that even now God is purifying me through the ministry of angels? Do I submit willingly to purification, no matter how demanding it may seem?


Send your angels to purify my soul, O Lord, and cleanse my heart from all wickedness, thaI may make my life a sweet  offering to you.


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