Praise and be silent; Angels, Day 055

Praise and be silent; Angels, Day 055 September 14, 2016

angels_ephrem_2Praise and be silent

The Seraphim and the Cherubim will not even look on God, says St. Ephrem the Syrian, though they stand by his throne and carry his chariot. We should learn from their example to praise God unceasingly, and not to second-guess what we have learned about God.

The Seraph that flies with wings is too weak to search You out. His wing is weak compared to You; it cannot be compared with your majesty. The Seraph whose voice proclaims You holy maintains his reverential silence and keeps from searching into You.

Woe to the bold, when the Seraph covers his face with his wings before You!

The hosts of Cherubim bow down in fear beneath your chariot. They veil themselves and fear to look inside. They carry You, but are not able to find You.

Blessed are those who have learned from them the honor due to You, and have praised and been silent in fear! –St. Ephrem the Syrian,  Rhythm 4


Even the glorious Seraphim are not too glorious to be humble before God. How much of my prayer life is devoted to simple praise like theirs?


Holy angels who are so much more glorious than I am, teach me your love of humble praise.

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