Angels could set us free; Angels: Day 198

Angels could set us free; Angels: Day 198 February 4, 2017

angels_gregory_the_great_1Though angels have often come to aid God’s faithful people, says St. Gregorthe Great, they could not redeem us from sin. Only God himself  could accomplish that.

It (wisdom) cannot be gotten for gold” ( Job 28:15).

What does “gold” mean here but the holy angels? They are called “gold” because they persist in the original innocence in which they were created. They shine with the beauty of righteousness, and they are stained with no impurity of sins—not in the very least.

But none of the angels were to be sent in place of this Wisdom as the Re- deemer of the human race. To keep us from placing our hope on any of those angels—who, as we have been taught, have often come to our aid—it is said that wisdom “cannot be gotten for gold.” This is as though it said plainly, “Wisdom itself will be made manifest to redeem humanity from sin.” No angel is sent in place of him: the creature must be set free by the Creator.’ –St. Gregory the Great,  Moralia in Job, 18.71


Though I can never equal the angels here on earth, do I strive to shine with the beauty of righteousness?


Lord, strengthen me with your Spirit, and send your angels to protect me; for I trust not in my own righteousness, but in your abundant mercy.

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