Show the world how angels live, Angels: Day 242

Show the world how angels live, Angels: Day 242 March 22, 2017

angels_john_chrysostom_2If  we live the angelic life here on earth, says St. John Chrysostom, that will be our most powerful tool for evangelism. The people around us will see what the kingdom of Heaven looks like, and they’ll want to be part of it.

Let’s show them all a new kind of life. Let’s make earth into Heaven, and by doing it show the Greeks what great blessings they’re missing.

When they see how we treat each other, they’ll be looking at the very face of the kingdom of Heaven. Then they’ll say, “If the Christians have already turned into angels here, what will they be after they leave this world?”

That way they too will be reformed. St. John Chrysostom, Homily on Matthew 43:7


Could the people around me think I’ve turned into an angel already? What would have to change in my life before they thought of me that way?


Guardian Angel, help me to live as you would live in the ordinary circumstances of every day—in my work and in my rest, with my family and with my neighbors.

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