Witness to angels; Angels: Day 365

Witness to angels; Angels: Day 365 July 23, 2017

angels_john_chrysostom_2We know that Christ and the angels have been really present with us, says St. John Chrysostom. What will happen when we’re called to judgment and have to report that all we ever cared about was money?

There really are many people who seem to think they’re never going to die. They set about building and planning in extreme old age—but when will they take death into consideration?

It will be no small punishment that we were called to bear witness, but were not able to bear witness to the things we have seen. We’ve seen angels with our own eyes—and we’ve seen them more clearly than those who saw them visibly. We shall be witnesses to Christ.

The people we call “martyrs” (which means “witnesses”) are not the only witnesses: we’re witnesses too. The reason they’re called martyrs is because, when called on to renounce the faith, they endure everything to speak the truth. So when our passions call on us to renounce the faith, we shouldn’t be defeated! Money tells us, “Say that Christ isn’t Christ.” Don’t listen to it the way you would listen to God, but despise its commands. –St. John Chrysostom, Homily 47 on Acts


Do I listen when money talks? Would it help me avoid temptation to remember the angels who surround me and see everything I do?


Guardian Angel, help me keep from covetousness and every worldly affection that is not in accordance with the holy will of God.

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