Build your faith on the Stone; Church Fathers: Day 079

Build your faith on the Stone; Church Fathers: Day 079 October 11, 2017

aphrahat_spotlightA mighty building, says Aphrahat, depends on its foundation stones. If we build the structure of our faith on Christ the true Stone, that structure cannot be shaken.

Faith is made up of many things, and by many kinds is it brought to per­fection. It is like a building that is built up of many pieces of workmanship, and so its structure rises to the top.

And know, dear friends, that stones are laid in the foundation of the building, and so resting on stones the whole edifice rises until it is perfected.

Thus also the true Stone, our Lord Jesus Christ, is the foundation of all our faith. And on him, on the Stone, faith is based. And resting on faith, all the struc­ture rises until it is completed.

For it is the foundation that is the beginning of all the building. When anyone is brought near to faith, it is laid for him upon the Stone that is our Lord Jesus Christ. And his building cannot be shaken by the waves, nor can it be injured by the winds. By the stormy blasts it does not fall, because its structure is reared on the rock of the true Stone.

And in calling Christ the Stone, I have not spoken of my own thought, but the Prophets beforehand called him the Stone.

Aphrahat, Demonstration on Faith, 3


Does my faith really rest on the true Stone? Or is it too easily shaken by the waves of criticism and passing fads?


Lord, in your mercy, strengthen my soul, so that I may serve you with perfect love and true faith.

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