Hear the silence of Jesus; Church Fathers: Day 139

Hear the silence of Jesus; Church Fathers: Day 139 December 10, 2017

st_ignatius_of_antioch-branded-spotlightJesus left us many sayings, commandments, and sermons. But he also taught us by doing. St. Ignatius of Antioch tells us that it’s better to be silent and practice what we preach than to be a teacher who doesn’t act.

It’s better to be silent and be a Christian, than to talk and not be a Chris­tian. It’s good to teach—if the teacher also acts.

Then there is one Teacher, who spoke, and it was done. Even those things he did in silence are worthy of the Father. Whoever possesses the word of Jesus can truly hear even his very silence, so that he may be perfect, and act as he speaks, and be recognized by his silence.

Nothing is hidden from God; our secrets themselves are near to him. So let us do everything as people who have God dwelling in us, so that we may be his temples, and he may be in us as our God—which indeed he is, and will show him­self to us. For that reason we are right to love him.

St. Ignatius of Antioch, Ephesians, 15


Do my actions match what I say I believe?

What do I hear in the silences of Jesus?


Lord Jesus Christ, make me fit to be not only a hearer but also a doer of your word, so that I may be fruitful and deemed worthy of the Kingdom of heaven.

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