Know the resurrection by the proofs; Church Fathers: Day 322

Know the resurrection by the proofs; Church Fathers: Day 322 June 21, 2018

God didn’t just tell us that the resurrection would happen, says Aphrahat. He has proved that he can raise the dead by numerous resurrections in history, witnessed by reliable witnesses.

And it was not only in words, dear friends, that God said, “I make the dead live,” but also in deeds he showed it to us by many testimonies, so that we might have no hesitation in believing it.

He showed it beforehand plainly; for through Elijah a wonder was mani­fested, showing that the dead shall live and that those who sleep in the dust shall arise. For when the son of the widow died, Elijah raised him up and gave him to his mother. And Elisha again, his disciple, raised up the son of the Shunamite, so that the testimony of two might be established and confirmed for us. And also again when the children of Israel cast a dead man on the bones of Elisha, that dead man revived and arose. And the witness of three is certain.

–Aphrahat, Demonstration on Resurrection, 11


How well do I know these Old Testament resurrection stories?

Can I make time to find them and read them?


Father, increase in my heart the risen life I share with your Son Jesus Christ, and help me grow toward eternal life with you.

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