Some “Thoughts and Prayers” and Questions Following the Las Vegas Mass Shooting

Some “Thoughts and Prayers” and Questions Following the Las Vegas Mass Shooting October 3, 2017

By Bert Montgomery 

Why do we protect, support, enable, and serve the powerful gun lobbyists and manufacturers, yet we can only muster “thoughts and prayers” for the suffering, mourning, bleeding, dying population?

What if we chose to protect, support, serve, and enable the public to live in safety and without fear of being shot, and sent our “thoughts and prayers” to the lobbyists and manufacturers whenever they asked for government handouts and whined about their troubles?

What if we charged the NRA and gun manufacturers for each funeral expense, each hospital bill, each medical expense for every victim and each immediate family member of each single shooting and each mass shooting for as long as any survivor and victim’s families live and need help?

What if we did that until the manufacturers and their lobbyists decide it is no longer profitable to manufacture death, and until there are no more mass shootings, and until they turn all their weapons into plowshares and shovels and rakes and implements of production? (Check out the ministry of Shane Claiborne as an example of putting Scripture into action).

We are the only “civilized,” “democratic,” “free and wealthy” country on earth where this happens.

The greatest threats to America are not Muslims, North Korea, or black men respectfully kneeling. The greatest threat to the United States is us.

Imagine a nation where everyone who ever made a public statement boasting about their faith chose to go from letting bullets roll down like waters and military assault weapons like an ever-flowing stream, to one where we actually chose to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God.

May God forgive us, for we know exactly what we do.

We are reaping exactly what we have sown.

It is time we sow safety, hope, community, and people.

It is time we sow compassion, empathy, mercy, grace, and love.

It is time we sow life.

Rev. Bert Montgomery pastors University Baptist Church in Starkville, teaches sociology and religion courses at Mississippi State University. Contact him at 

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  • cken

    Unless the guns were defective how could the mfg. have liability? They didn’t do the shooting(s). The NRA is simply trying to keep the second amendment intact. To eliminate guns would require a constitutional amendment. Obviously the author has never been shot or beaten in his own home or at his work place while being robbed. When he is he will wish he had a weapon to protect himself and his family. I know this from sad personal experience. Fortunately thanks to God and some good doctors I lived.One of the first things I did when fully recovered was to get a conceal carry permit and a hand gun.

    • Barros Serrano

      I have both of those as well, yet I detest the NRA, which has become nothing but a lobby for the gun manufacturers. Every election they scream, “The Democrats will take your guns!”, gun sales spike, then a Democrat wins and no guns are taken. Next election, same BS… repeat endlessly…

      The 2nd Amendment is intact. The interpretation of it is not yet clear, or adjudicated. Does it mean no background checks? I don’t think so. Felons aren’t allowed guns, is the NRA bothered by that? You see, they’re selective in their interpretation.

      When I was a kid (long ago) the NRA had gun safety instruction and they were a good org. I liked them then when I was learning to shoot every type of common firearm in West Virginia. But they have become a rightwing GOP-lobbying bunch of nutcases, sorry.

      I have guns for the same reason you do. I hope they serve us both well.