Hope found in America’s Founding Argument

It must be stated that democracy is not a free-for-all where nothing is protected and everything up for debate. Much to the contrary, we have rights that are sacred and holy in this nation. And, it is precisely these rights that make the argument of democracy inevitable and hopeful. Democracy, “a government of the people, by the people, for the people,” as Abraham Lincoln, framed it, means that as the people change, so too must its government. Change is only birthed through great conflict and argument. [Read more…]

For such a time as this: Celebrating Earth Day 2017

April 22 will mark the 48th annual celebration of Earth Day — a day first set aside in 1970 to encourage support for environmental protection with events held in more than 190 countries around the world.
That first celebration, now nearly a half-century ago, put environmental issues front and center in the U.S. society and politics. With more than 20 million Americans participating in this awareness and advocacy effort, the first-ever Earth Day displayed the grassroots popularity of concern for our planet. [Read more…]

CBF Church Starts Podcast: Healthy Partnership Practices

Check out this new CBF Church Starts Podcast on healthy partnership practices featuring interviews with two Baptist pastors who are partnering with church plants. [Read more…]

The Cradle, the Cross, and Power

In any democracy, power can be the means to accomplish helpful ends. But when power is exercised simply as an end in itself, the system becomes ill. That’s why I believe it is high time we held all elected officials accountable and started asking them how much time they are spending on accumulating power for themselves as opposed to using that power to effect change for the good of others. [Read more…]

Lenten Epiphanies and Racism

I could no longer deny that I have some deeply-buried biases. I could no longer overlook the ways political, social, and economic structures are set up to benefit me and mine at the expense of others. I could no longer leave the burden of advocacy solely to people most affected by bad policy. To do so would be turning my back on all that I say I believe about discipleship. [Read more…]

Young Adults: Not a Lost Cause

As someone who serves with young adults — and as one myself — I don’t think giving up is our best option.

It may seem like the easiest thing to do, after all, we’ve already put stock in them: we provided nurturing through spiritual education; we made sure they knew Bible verses, we’ve built the foundation. If they’re not coming back through the doors, what else can we do? Why use resources, time and sanity to reach a generation that is, increasingly, not darkening any part of our buildings, much less the doors? [Read more…]

Chemical Weapons, Holy Week and a Revolution of Values

War is easier than peace. War allows us to dehumanize and devalue our enemies. Peace requires us to see all people as equally loved by our Creator. Peace demands that we see that all people—especially our enemies—are created in the image of God. [Read more…]

April is the cruelest month

I am convinced that it is better to go through life together than by oneself. Our church has so much to be grateful for, and in light of recent tragedy, let’s spend a little more time showing appreciation for each other. Each Sunday should be a celebration of life in Christ, and shared life with each other. [Read more…]

“Don’t Panic”

All of those commands take courage. They take a faith that is, if not ironclad, then certainly covered by the blood of Jesus. It is difficult to invite the homeless poor inside in a time when any stranger could be dangerous. It is difficult to share food with the hungry when over 50 million children in the U.S. go hungry every day. It is nearly impossible to cancel debts when my generation is more in debt than any other generation in history. [Read more…]

The Healthcare Question

I think healthcare should have two beneficiaries: patients and care-givers. If another entity has to make money based on my health, then it’s not possible either for the patient to afford the care or the care-givers to be paid what they deserve. I’m not an economist, but this seems to be the reality we refuse to face. I have nothing against all the wonderful people who work in the health insurance industry, but I’d rather the doctor, nurse and CNA get wealthy on my surgery. [Read more…]