Podcast: CBF ChurchWorks and a Conversation with Jon Singletary

This episode features the ChurchWorks keynote speaker, Dr. Jon Singletary. Jon is the dean of the Diana R. Garland School of Social Work at Baylor University. Read more

Being church to abuse survivors

As a culture we do not do a good job of creating space for survivors of abuse to tell their stories. We often discount, shame, and blame them because their revelations make us uncomfortable. (It’s no wonder people wait so long to disclose, if they ever do so at all.) When shut down the conversation, we prevent survivors from seeking emotional, spiritual, and physical healing. We let predators move about the world, emboldened to perpetrate their crimes against others. Read more

When Our Faith is Tested – James 1:1-12

In its simplest sense, a trial is anything that causes us to question God’s goodness and faithfulness. Trials try to get us to take our focus off God and God’s provision and place it on other things. Trials are the kryptonite of faith, sapping us of spiritual energy and making our faith vulnerable. Read more

Focusing on thanks

So, I’m hoping for a great Thanksgiving. I’m hopeful for a great Thanksgiving for all the victims of the floods. I’m mindful of the families who will have a place missing at the table because a family member was taken from them through gun violence. I’m hoping for a great Thanksgiving for all the victims of sexual assault who have spoken out recently about their experiences. I’m also grateful for all the churches who are reaching out to these persons in need. The recovery process will take a long time and there won’t be easy answers, but I’m thankful for those who are being the presence of Christ in a timely manner. Read more

CBF Podcast: Zack Hunt and American Jesus Madness

The criticism is that because he is not paid clergy, he has no accountability to the local church, and can say whatever he wants. For Zack, this could not be any further from the truth. “Yeah, it would be easy to say, ‘Well, God told me this. I’m right and you can’t tell me any different,” confessed Hunt. “But that’s certainly not Christianity. That’s not healthy. That’s not me. So, for me accountability is tremendously important,” he added. Read more

Nevertheless, She Persisted (Thanking God for Non-Submissive, Biblical Women)

Maybe I’m a feminist because of the Bible itself. Despite the Bible having been written over thousands of years by many different hands, and cultural male-dominance having led to some of the writers to confuse “the way things are” with “the way God intends everything to be” (we still do that, don’t we?), despite all that, from the very beginning, up through the end, we can still see the subversive Spirit of God moving and pushing and prodding and birthing the Kingdom along in this world through independent, disobedient, non-submissive women. Read more

Baptist advocates release DREAMer video testimonies, urge action for DACA recipients

CBF Advocacy urges people of faith and all others who stand #WithDREAMers to contact their members of Congress and ask for their support of DACA recipients like Itzayana and Jemima. Watch their video testimonies. Read more

CBF Podcast: The Protestant Reformation at 500

While we know the historical and theological implications of the Reformation, the church must turn its attention to the hard lessons learned from the Reformers. This means that we need to peel back the ugly chapters of the revolutionists, including the older Luther and the cantankerous Swiss Brethren. Consider what the later years of these Reformers can teach the church today about creating space for theological dialogue and innovation. Our conversation features Dr. Glenn Jonas of Campbell University. Jonas is the Associate Dean College of Arts & Sciences, Charles Howard Professor of Religion Christian Studies, Director of the Honors Program, and the legendary scholar of the Boss (Bruce Springsteen). Read more

Podcast: A Conversation with Jack Jenkins of ThinkProgress

We sat down with Jack, the senior religion reporter for ThinkProgress, to talk about the motivation behind his writing and what gives him creative energy. “The responsibility of the journalist, when writing about the intersection of religion and politics, is to relay accurate information. The goal is to not make the people you are writing about happy,” Jenkins said. He added, “If you wrote the write story and it is accurate, sometimes that will make people mad.” Read more

You Too?

This week my Facebook feed filled up with stories around the hashtag #MeToo. Maybe yours did as well. The accompanying explanation was that “if every person who has been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote ‘Me too’ as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem.” When I shared one of my experiences, a couple of clergywomen replied that all their instances of harassment had been in a church setting. I saw similar notes in the posts of other female ministers. We can do better. Read more

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