When Jesus Broke Up the “Boys-Will-Be-Boys” Club

When Jesus Broke Up the “Boys-Will-Be-Boys” Club October 1, 2018

By Bert Montgomery 

Bert Montgomery

A woman stands alone in front of an intimidating group of men reeking of smugness. They possess complete power over her life…and, her death. Was the male sexual offender there among them? We don’t know. He was not to be held accountable. What we do know is that the panel of men gathered have no interest in hearing her side of the story. The “burden of proof” is not upon them to justify their treatment of, and obvious disdain for, her.

This is the picture painted in the eighth chapter of the Gospel of John. The story is known as “the woman caught in adultery.”

It is a favorite story from John’s Gospel. Like memorable quotes from famous movies (regardless of whether one has even seen the movie), two lines from this passage can easily be recited even by those who have rarely opened their Bibles or paid attention to the whole story: (1) “You who are without sin cast the first stone,” and, of course, (2) “go and sin no more.”

The first is a favorite when we desire a pass for our own actions, or to support someone we like who needs of a “get out of jail free” card. The second is our immediate go-to verse we use to cast judgment upon someone we aren’t willing to let off the hook.

In the story, a group of men “hold court” over a woman whose very body and breath exist at their discretion. These religious leaders do not offer any evidence to justify the accusation that she was “caught in the act” of committing adultery. Where is the man with whom she was caught? That is no one’s concern. Perhaps he has a good name, a good reputation; perhaps he is someone important. It really does not matter. The crime of adultery is easily leveled against women, but rarely against the men involved. Boys will be boys, you know. In the cultural context at that time, men held the power to use, control, manage, interrogate, humiliate, destroy, and yes, even execute (by stoning) women.

In this case, religious leaders bring this woman to Jesus. They are scholars of the Holy Scriptures. They know their interpretations and applications of the Law of Moses are the correct interpretations and applications as was God’s original intent. But, Jesus stands with HER.

Jesus stands with the person considered worthless; a “thing” which exists for the service and enjoyment of a man, subject to a man’s will. Jesus stands in front of a group of fellow men, and he stands WITH HER.

Jesus dares to publicly question their authority and challenge their own righteousness. Jesus opens a door so the woman can exit with her dignity intact. Jesus publicly affirms her worth as a person and as a child of God. She is no longer “caught” by the men, but free from their control. Jesus says she no longer lives under the subjugation, shame, and life-destroying assumption of guilt.

Jesus pulls this group of united men off their imaginary thrones and places the woman up on level ground with them. It is nothing less than a radical shift from highly concentrated power toward equality.

Can you imagine a woman being heard? A woman being respected? A woman being believed? Men expected to be accountable? Men having their assumed authority challenged?

As a friend and as a minister, I have seen the faces, heard the voices, and sensed the fear of those who have shared their stories of sexual violence; their stories of doubt, shame, guilt, denial, and pain; their stories of the overwhelming pressure to stay silent. That is why, this past Monday, I stood in the center of Mississippi State University’s campus alongside colleagues, friends, and students as part of a nationwide walk-out in support of survivors.

I stood in support of a friend who was raped over forty years ago by angry white men as punishment for her part in integrating Mississippi schools. I stood in support of a friend who was raped by her then-boyfriend (a pastor’s son). I stood in support of friends who were molested as children by beloved family members. I stood in support of friends who were molested and assaulted by clergy. I stood in support of friends who have felt trapped in relationships in which rape was used to humiliate and to assert dominance. I stood in support of students who already have been or will be victims of all kinds of sexual assault during their college years. And, I stood in support of all the men, young and old, who have ever felt the enormous peer pressure to join the “boys will be boys” club, yet who chose instead to seek out and work toward healthy relationships, friendships, and loving, consensual activity.

This week has been a reminder that the problem of abuse of power, privilege, and sex is so much deeper and far, far greater than one Supreme Court nominee. Perhaps it is time we stop referring to the story in John’s Gospel as “the woman caught in adultery” and call it “Jesus breaks up the ‘boys-will-be-boys’ club” instead.

Rev. Bert Montgomery serves as pastor of University Baptist Church in Starkville and is a lecturer at Mississippi State University. He can be reached at bert@bertmontgomery.com.

Note: The views expressed here in columns and commentaries are solely those of the authors.

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  • Ivan T. Errible

    churches so boring…..

    • The Mouse Avenger

      SHUT UP, OK! >:-( You horrid, dreadful man, you!

      • Ivan T. Errible

        “Dreadful”, like “lovely”, is an obviously gay word.

        • Barros Serrano

          And so… what?

          Your bigotry is showing… again.

          • Ivan T. Errible

            No, I’m just being a ballbuster.

          • Barros Serrano

            So, a pointless prat. Sod off.

          • Ivan T. Errible

            No, seriously, how many people in your family have Type 2 diabetes?

          • Ivan T. Errible


  • I have experienced Christ as the consciousness of the sun. I wrote an ebook about it, and the link is below with some of my other sites

    link to my free ebook, “Messages from the Sun God, Jesus Christ”
    church page/blog http://www.jesuschristsungod.com my ebook is now available on blogger at this link: https://messagesftsg.blogspot.com youtube channel: Heavenly Light youtube channel

  • Mike Butler

    My favorite quote from the Bible story in John 8 is “neither do I condemn you”.

  • What evidence would they have to offer if she was caught in the act besides visual observation?
    (“These religious leaders do not offer any evidence to justify the accusation that she was “caught in the act” of committing adultery.”)

    Evidence – something sorely lacking these last few weeks! But the man is not being judged and that is wrong. Today we just allow adultery as if it were a nuisance.

    • Sandra Urgo

      If the FBI investigation were extended and broader, (which would have taken far more time) it might have produced more conclusive results. But those deciding were in too much of a hurry to push their predetermined man forward, and so we will never know what really happened. All we know is that politics were heavily involved and the boys will be boys club won.

      • I disagree. The issue was never about Ford. She was just a pawn in the game of politics. The democrats felt if they could delay the decision past the mid-terms they might be able to stop Trump from appointing a replacement judge.

        A little clarification on the “predetermined man.” Trump provided a list of possible appointees before his election; Kavanaugh was simply the choice.

        However, I pray that Ford will be investigated to the fullest so Kavanaugh can clear his name. Yes Ford was probably abused but not by Kavanaugh; probably a family member. This should not be hard to discover.

        But you see, that is not of interest. Ford was used and abused all over again by the democrats for political purposes. That is very easy to see and the polls are showing this. But the real poll is the mid-term. If the people give control of the House to the democrats then I will agree with you.

        • Sandra Urgo

          I believe Ford.

        • Robert Hood

          The investigation into Kavanaugh’s behavior is not closed. Don’t be surprised if he’s impeached. There is lot’s of voluntary smoke, so the fire is there just waiting to be brought to light.

          • Maybe. But Ford is also being investigated. Many believe she was abused but not by the Judge.

          • Barros Serrano

            Ford isn’t on the Court. That frat rat is. He does not deserve to be there. Removing him would serve the country well,

          • jekylldoc

            Motivated reasoning.

          • Donald G

            Thank you for pointing that fact out. Motivated reasoning has taken over… clear thinking and truth seeking are the victims. I believe that motivated reasoning is the primary factor behind all the “tribalism/tribal warfare” going on in our society today.

          • Pennybird

            That’s just like a conservative to investigate the victim, like the investigated Trayvon Martin’s marijuana use, and like they searched Botham Jean’s apartment as if that would justify their murders. What are they hoping to find on Ford after she made allegations at great and obvious risk to herself?

          • She is not a victim as much as a pawn who played her part. She has not demonstrated she was a victim as much as she has alleged she was a victim. Risk goes both ways doesn’t it. I think a good reporter could find out who did abuse her because it wasn’t the Judge.

          • cvryder2000

            Not necessarily impeached. There could be a felony investigation on any of several charges, not necessarily involving Dr. Ford or sexual impropriety.

        • Barros Serrano

          How conveeeenient that you just dismiss Ford as a Democratic ploy. No matter WHAT was brought up against Kavanaugh, you ideologues on the Right would dismiss it. Be truthful. You don’t care if he raped half the women at Yale, as long as he fits the mold of a rapacious “conservative” misogynist and corporate enabler.

        • Are you aware that Dr. Ford registered her concerns about Kavanaugh BEFORE he was actually nominated? As soon as she saw his name on the short list, she made calls. She was not a pawn. She took action before anyone – Democrats or Republicans – knew who she was.

          • You who don’t believe in Free Speech and block respondents from your Blog have nothing to say to me.

          • I absolutely believe in free speech. But I’m not the press. I’m just a private citizen who blogs, and am given the freedom to block those who cross the lines. You are welcome to get your own blog as well – that’s freedom of speech.

        • Pennybird

          I see your point about Ford being used by the Democrats, but I disagree with your conclusion Kavanaugh did not assault her or anyone. A cursory glance at his high school and college persona indicates someone who was capable, motivated and incorrigible enough to do that. It’s very difficult to identify with those who say an upstanding man was victimized here when history shows him to be an entitled asshole.

          She is 100% certain it was Kavanaugh. Even if she were only 50% certain, she could easily distinguish between him and a family member.

          • The Judge’s high school behavior that we know about cannot possibly by extrapolated to sexual assault. It comes down to whether or not Ford told the truth. With the facts we know for certain either conclusion is viable.

        • cvryder2000

          Probably the most ridiculous post on here, and that’s going some.

    • cvryder2000

      Depending on the translation, she may have been “caught in the act” of committing adultery, OR she may have been “taken in adultery”…which is a very different thing! Indeed, the *Aramaic Bible in Plain English* says that she “had been seized in adultery”, which could be interpreted to mean she had been taken from her husband by another man and raped. It’s all in the translation.Language is a funny thing (says the once-upon-a-time linguistics major) And of course, it puts all the blame on the woman, and none at all on the man. In any case, none of the accusers seem to be the guilty male party. Or maybe he was among them, who knows?

      • “Probably the most ridiculous post on here, and that’s going some.”

        • cvryder2000

          Thou art a well-known troll anyway. *reaches for box of Morton’s”

  • Sandra Urgo

    There is a reason why I think women were so devoted to Jesus and that is because he understood their feelings and sympathized with their situations with compassion. He was courageous in refusing to comply with the male dominated status quo.Sadly, times are not much different. I have read that Dr. Christine Ford is still not able to go to her home because of death threats. And she simply accused a powerful white man of attempt to rape. We could use Jesus again to speak to those in power on behalf of those who have been victimized. But thankfully we have men like the writer and pastor who will stand up for women. And, even more importantly, we have strong women who are mobilizing to change the patriarchal system into one more equitable for all people.

    • Pennybird

      I’m an outsider here, so forgive my ignorance, but do any scholars argue that parts of the Bible were written by women? Your first line reminds me that it’s hard to imagine men of the time interpreting any stories as being sympathetic to women.

      • Sandra Urgo

        If one reads the Gospels, which cover Jesus and quote him (and most of us realize he might well not said those same words, except for the Beatitudes and maybe the Lord’s prayer are close), one gets the persona of a man who had an unusual empathy for women, not only at that time but for all time. We know women were nothing more than chattel, making few decisions on their own and entirely under the patriarchal system of harsh rules and mostly just being ignored. (Not too different from nowadays, as we have seen recently). So Jesus was radical in his speaking with women, which no man would lower himself to do, and healing them, and just being kind to them. But I haven’t heard about female writers and would be surprised as women were not allowed to write. There are different writers for different parts of the Bible. It was never organized, there was poetry, prophecy, stories dealing with morality, and possibly some historical references. But it most certainly is not meant as history or a science book. I am reading the whole Bible, using a study guide. You have to read in the context of the culture of the times. Some people take stories and verses (often out of context) of it literally, and that is unfortunate I think. I hope I explained this. I do believe Jesus came in the form of a man but had an obedience to God and closeness that made him stand out from other humans. And what he taught ought to be taken seriously. That is, if you want a better world.

        • Pennybird

          That’s a good explanation, thank you.

  • The Antagonizer

    Hope he breaks up the “Pretend diversity is a strength to avoid being called a racist” club.

    It’s a lot bigger, and far more dangerous.

    • Barros Serrano

      Don’t pretend you’re not a Nazi, as you’ve spewed your antisemitic fascism on various forums here.

      You have no part in any conversation about anything, boy. Racists like you are not “one of us”. You’re an outrider, irrelevant. More to the point, you are vermin and will be treated accordingly.

      • Rick Brant

        Says the guy who speaks just like Nazi scum.

        • Barros Serrano

          No, I speak as a demosocialist. Such as you care nothing for democracy, only to satisfy your seething bigotry.

          And here above my last one is a post by a guy spewing non-stop Nazi antisemitic propaganda, but not a word to him.

          So, you reveal that I am right. You are unsuited to live in a civilized society, and are anathema to those of us who value freedom and human life.

          And in person of course you’d be a lot less rude.

          • Rick Brant

            I see nothing in that post which I responded to which is “Nazi antisemitic propaganda”. Do be so kind as to point it out to me.

            It is supporters of violent Antifa scum who are unsuited to live in a civilized society. You claim to value freedom, and yet support Antifa leftists who go on violent rampages to shut down free speech on campuses and elsewhere. You are the last person who should be claiming to value freedom, hypocrite. You care about no one’s freedom of speech but your own.

            And of course I don’t have to worry about whether or not you would be rude in person, as I doubt you venture far from the safe space mouse hole you post from.

          • Barros Serrano

            Read his other posts. He’s a Nazi, thinks Jews are conspiring to blah blah blah the usual tirades.

            But you don’t care about that. You think what is important is Antifa, a small group with no influence who attacks Nazis and Kluxers, WHY do you care if someone attacks Nazis and Kluxers? I’m sure you don’t mind losing children at the border, invading the wrong country, backing death squads and dictators as your GOP heroes do.

            Boy, if you think I’m hiding, then come on down! I GUARANTEE you will be far more polite… I mean, silence is polite, no?

            So answer this: who is worse, the Nazi/Kluxers who came to Cville yelling Nazi slogans, threatening Jewish people, attacking peaceful churchgoers, and killing a woman in the street with a car… or Antifa who kicks their asses?

            Remember equivalence…. Nazis… Antifa…

            Do you know, by the way, that Antifa formed in Europe originally during the fascist era to combat the fascists of Germany, Spain, Italy and elsewhere?

            Which side are you on?

          • The Antagonizer

            Why have Jews been kicked out various countries over a hundred times during the last 1,800 years?
            What is it about Jewish behavior that causes a rise in anti-Semitism? (Remember, one hand doesn’t clap by itself)
            Many Jews (mostly Ashkenazi) want Whites to believe Jews are White, because when Jews commit crimes they can use their media influence to bamboozle Americans into thinking Whites are committing the crimes. (We’re all the same card)
            But when Jews are “victims,” suddenly they’re a unique race! (play the “Oy vey, the Holocaust” card)
            Many times Whites are scapegoats for Jews. It’s almost like the media is their sword, the “Holocaust” is their shield.

            Acknowledging racial differences (e.g. IQ levels, hormone differences, behavior patterns) isn’t ‘racism’.
            Loving your own race more than others isn’t ‘racism’.
            Preventing Whites becoming a minority in a nation founded and built by Whites isn’t ‘racism’.
            Protecting your own heritage and culture isn’t ‘racism’.
            Non-Whites put their own racial interests first and are praised. When Whites do it’s ‘racism’. Why?

            The problem in racially diverse societies is the following White traits become detrimental to White survival:
            1. moral universalism (obsession with caring, fairness, kindness, compassion and justice)
            2. proneness to feeling guilt
            3. ethno-masochism (celebrating one’s own ethnic displacement)

            Non-Whites take advantages of these unique White traits. (And no-one can provide evidence that these traits are displayed in non-Whites to the same degree).

            Evolutionary psychologists have shown Whites build societies built on trust and morality. Non-Whites build them on kinship. But most Whites don’t recognise the difference due to heavy Cultural Marxist propaganda (where the you-know-who play a heavy role) telling everyone we are the same.

            However in a White only society, these weakness are strengths. It’s these traits (especially no. 1) that cause Whites to build high trust, more desirable societies)

          • Rick Brant

            Ok, now I see what Barros was saying about the antisemitism. Not acceptable to me.

            On the other hand, having pride in and appreciation for the achievements of one’s race/ethnicity is not racism. White people have as much right to be proud of their white history, high culture and achievements as anyone else.

          • The Antagonizer

            Disagree with your pre-programmed response about (I see what Barros… blah, blah). You can’t comprehend (thanks to years of heavily entrenched cognitive dissonance) and think for yourself here. You’re weak on this and are scared to speak out in front of other forum posters. I understand. The political climate in the US is hostile toward Whites.

            Your second paragraph seems reasonable.

          • Barros Serrano

            I’m white and I think it’s clear that Brant is as well.

            However, you need to get some knowledge, boy.

            1. There is no “white race”. There is no race at all. It is a bogus notion invented by Euroimperialists to rationalize their abuse of non-European people.

            2. Very comical, but Hitler’s DNA is now known. In fact, many of the Ashkenazim he had killed had more “Aryan” DNA than Hitler did!

            3. Also comical, that in part of Germany there were Jews living there before Germans!

            4. Historical factors put the Europeans on top. Before the Industrial Age, most technological inventions came from China.

            5. The Greeks often studied in Egypt, for example, Pythagoras. Egyptian civiization was created by black people.

            Oh I could go on and on… your “white right” nonsense is 100% bulldooky.

          • The Antagonizer

            No race at all, eh? So, I’ll play along.

            * The UN has anti-genocide laws.

            * Forensic anthropologists can determine the race of a victim by sampling blood, bone, or saliva and use it as evidence in a court of law

            * Israel has an immigration policy that employs DNA testing

            * In China Whites, Blacks, and Jews cannot apply for minority status

            * If Palestinians were all ethnically Jewish, would there still be war Between Israel and Palestine?

            * The “Holocaust”? Did 6 million Whites that were practicing Jews die? Or was it 6 million ethnic Jews. (Hint: most Israel rabbis will tell you Ashkenazi Jews are not White)

            * If I paint my skin black, (you think race is just skin color difference!) does that make me eligible to lead BLM?
 Or run a faster 100m?
            * The National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) collects information on victimization characteristics including race and ethnicity. So does the DOJ.

            * Go tell Samoans, Fijians, or Tongans race doesn’t matter. Or go tell the American Indians they weren’t “genocided” by evil Whitey because race doesn’t exist. LMAO.

            * Go tell the Chinese and Japanese they should become one country because there are no genetic differences.

            BOOM. You are dead in the water and sinking fast. Bye, bye!

            PS. (Can you hear me at the bottom yet?) I suppose Labradors, poodles, Chihuahuas, etc. don’t really exist either. They are just social constructs, eh? Hello? Hellloooooooo? Woof, woof? Or… ruff, ruff?

            What do you know about China? 你懂個屁。你可能不知道是蘇聯國共的一位猶太人 – 吳庭康 – “赤化”中國。It was a Russian JEW Grigori Voitinsky that “Communized” China.

          • Barros Serrano

            just saw this laughable response

            forensic anthros can find regional characteristics but still cannot find where to divide humanity into “races”.

            1. “racial” traits don’t co-vary
            2. variation runs in multiple directions geographically
            3. the cluster of traits assigned to a “race” do not cluster, do not correspond except in a small circumscribed region

            You don’t even know what I’m talking about.

            Hasta el resultado inevitable.

          • The Antagonizer

            I’ll play your game. You have no idea what you are talking about. But Jews in Israel who DNA test for citizenship do. Oy vey.
            Go tell the Japanese or Chinese race or genes don’t matter. They’ll lock you up. Good on them.

          • Barros Serrano

            Gibberish post. Obviously whatever substance you abuse fogged up your brain to the extent you couldn’t rise above cheap innuendo.

            But what matters here, boy, is that your ID has been forwarded to the appropriate agencies (starting with Homeland Security and Mossad), and so you are now known to them, if you weren’t already.

            And so, you’ve been rendered impotent. Make a move and see what happens, Naziboy.

            Now stop posting to me, I’ve wasted enough time on your sociopathic arse.

          • Barros Serrano

            Depends on what you consider achievements. Europeans, notably Western European imperialists, have committed extensive crimes globally, abusing, massacring, raping, robbing, occupying most of the world’s countries. This country was built on slavery and genocide. No way around it. The problem I see is when whites identify with that stuff, as if we were all in control. We were not.

            In fact Europeans were abused thoroughly over the centuries by imperialist powers, and so we can accurately say we’ve also been the victims of the same abuse visited on Africans, Native Americans, etc., but it was sufficiently long ago that most whites have forgotten all about it.

            Me being Appalachian I’m not happy with our treatment in this country, with the economic abuse, the national bigotry which seems to be acceptable against us when not against other people, and yes the racism we’ve endured due to a lot of Irish and Scot ancestry plus mixing with Natives.

            I cannot muster any “pride” in any “white” grouping, since it is an illegitimate category. There is no “white race”. I can be proud of my Scottish ancestors fighting off the English, or of my Irish ancestors just for surviving at all, but proud of “white” people? Does not compute…

          • The Antagonizer

            So, when Whites colonize other parts of the globe, it’s “evil White Imperialism.” But when non-Whites pour into White majority countries it’s diversity. It’s enrichment. LOL.
            Don’t see Israel opening its borders to many refugees. Jewish supremacism by any chance?
            You’re a self-loathing, self-flagellating, SJW moron.

          • Barros Serrano

            Yet you do not confront the Nazi, but continue your cowardly insults against me.

            You have revealed your proclivities, boy. You are a fascist and a racist, a traitor and vermin. Get out. Russia wants you.

          • Rick Brant

            I just did, for antisemitism, in that post. Take another ESL course.

            Let’s see now, the fascist, racist, and the Russia cards, all in one post. You just won the trifecta, my lad!

          • Barros Serrano

            Everyone should check out this historical video… very satisfying…


            Enjoy following your heroes to oblivion, boy!

          • Ivan T. Errible

            Aujudame, Santa Muerte!

          • Rick Brant

            How would I know what that guy’s other posts say? I’m not obsessed with tracking him like you seem to be! My post was in response to what he said here in this post, and that alone.

            BOTH Antifa and Nazi/Klanners are violent, reprehensible totalitarian street thugs. BOTH are the enemies of the freedoms we cherish here in America. Neither should be tolerated in a civilized country.

          • Barros Serrano

            Again, making an equivalence between Antifa and Nazis shows just what a fascist reprobate you are.

            You don’t mind freaks with Tiki torches chanting “Blut und Boden” and running over a woman with a car. You don’t mind those same Nazis running at peaceful churchgoers counter-protesting, but you mind that Antifa and BLM got in the way and prevented that mayhem.

            You are a reprehensible fascist, racist and traitor. Do not pretend otherwise.

          • Rick Brant

            Lying again, huh? I’ve already made it plain that I reject Nazis. Try again, loser.

          • Barros Serrano

            Watch your mouth boy, unless you will also speak rudely in person, which would be inadvisable.

            I know you’ve lost this argument and that you know it, hence your pique, childish petulance and 8th-grade-boy smartmouth.

            The fact remains, you have said that Antifa and Nazis are equivalent. So… where does that put you politically? In Nazi country, boy!

            Antifa is short for “Anti-Fascist Action”. I first encountered them in Spain as Acción Antifacista. Will you claim that Spanish Antifa is equivalent to the Falange and Franco?

            You’re a problem for this country. You coddle and tolerate racists and fascists while condemning those who oppose them. Clearly you are a traitor and should move to Russia quickly, where your fascist and racist sensibilities will be catered to.

          • Rick Brant

            That I reject both the thugs of the far right and the far left puts me in”Nazi country”?!

            RUBBISH! It puts me in the broad moderate center of the American political tradition, which values our freedoms, dialogue, and broad based consensus based on our Constitution, as well as rejecting the jackbooted goons of both Nazis and Antifa.

            The fact that you think anyone to the right of the far left Antifa squads are actually Nazis reveals how far gone you really are. You are a clear and present danger to our Republic, just as much a traitor to our democratic ideals as are the Nazis. A pox on both your houses!

          • Barros Serrano

            Wrong. You are ignoring that the politics of this country is skewed far to the right. You speak of “far-right” and “far-left”, but the far-right is represented very well in the GOP, whereas the Democratic Party is barely left-of-center. That is not political rhetoric; it is true. Look at the Parties in Europe… demosocialists regularly win elections. Here you connedservatives refer to centrist Democrats as “communists”.

            Again you obsess on Antifa. Are they offered as a political choice here? No. There are simply a group who attacks Nazis. Really I like seeing Nazis assaulted, but other than that, Antifa is really irrelevant.

            Now look at the GOP. Your President is clearly a fascist, he has expressed fascist rhetoric since his campaign began. I’ve lived under a fascist dictatorship and know how they talk. I also lived in Spain and had plenty of arguments with Falangists babbling about “fake news” and “Making Spain Great Again”. Seriously. They literally talked like that.

            You may indeed be only a delusional brainwashed misguided Republican and not a true fascist, but you are supporting a lot of fascism if you don’t stand up to the malfeasance of today’s GOP.

            Me, I’m a demosocialist… I support a system like those of Germany, France, New Zealand, Canada, Denmark… hardly “far-left”.

            The FAR LEFT are the M-L’s (Marxist-Leninists) and some of the more delusional folks calling themselves (inaccurately) “anarchists”.

            The FAR RIGHT are the people Trumpolini calls “good people”, folks like Bannon (clearly a white supremacist) and Manafort (who is headed for prison). And at this point many Republicans in Congress qualify as far-right given their acquiescence to Trumpolini’s fascist and racist rhetoric.

            Some of my friends were tortured and killed by fascist death squads, so talk $hit to me, eh?

          • Rick Brant

            I will talk to you any way I want. You are free not to comment here if it proves to much for you. What happened to your friends does not confer any oracular status upon you.

            No doubt if you define yourself as centrist/moderate as you do, everyone else appears far right or far left. That does not therefore make your perception valid.

            It is an error to try to evaluate American politics by the metric of European politics. They are very different. That is why your evaluation of the situation here is so flawed.

            FYI, I am neither a Republican, a Democrat, nor a “demosocialist” (is that short for “demon socialist”?). I am an Independent, enrolled in no party.

          • Barros Serrano

            Do you have a sinus infection? I ask because you are producing huge loads of snot here…

            Oh little boy you aren’t too much to handle here or in person, though of course in person you’d be far less rude.

            What happened to my friends and my experience living under a fascist government does confer experience and knowledge to me, neither of which you have much of, apparently

            Arrogant snippy trivial arrested-adolescent tripe only confirms that my original impression of you was accurate.

            No, boy, it is accurate to evaluate the position of a person or party on the Left-Right spectrum by international standards. The fact is, the U$A is skewed to the Right relative to Europe, which is why, relative to Europe, the U$A sucks. You love it because you don’t know any different, and so you are speaking in this matter, as in all things, out of ignorance.

            “Independent”: usually a coward who won’t take a stand online, instead greasily slips this way and that as the wind blows. A prevaricator, spineless and insipid. And of course you never heard of Faux News and don’t know who is Rush Limbaugh, right?

          • Rick Brant

            For my part I was wondering if you had diarrhea, based on all the dribble sh1t you’ve been leaving here.

            If your posts are any indication of the “experience and knowledge” conferred by what happened to your friends, then they would sadly seem to have suffered all that in vain.

            No party is currently worthy of my allegiance; they are all corrupt, in bed with the globalist elites. Anathema to them all.

            Fox News = junk. I don’t bother with it. OAN is so much better!

            “…relative to Europe, the U$A sucks” You are welcome to return to there anytime. Maybe I can start a Go Fund Me page for you? Or perhaps you would be more at home in your socialist paradise of Venezuela!

          • Barros Serrano

            Boy, now you wish to mock my tortured friends and so I must insist that you speak to me face to face. I live near Charlottesville. Let’s hear that cowardly racist subhuman spiel in person, coward spawned by cowards. Because you have crossed the line, boy. I am telling you to shut your goddam mouth. Mods take note. This piece of scum has exceeded any concept of decency.

            My experience and knowledge, neither of which you possess in meaningful quantity, is based on a lot of things, but pertinent to this, to living under a fascist government. To you that’s a joke, but again i am prepared to make you stop laughing, little disgusting coward.

            Relative to Europe, yes, the U$A sucks. Care to MAKE me move anywhere, boy? Again, your arrogance is only expressed online… in person you’d whine and cry like your daddy. The U$A sucks and you think the answer is to send away those who know this? THAT is why it sucks, boy! Because of ignorant strutting false-patriots like you. You are defending a rotten country, and YOU are one of those rotting it.

            Venezuela? You are a liar, little son of cowards. I advocate a system like that of Germany or France, not Venezuela. With that canard you reveal your ignorance and low intelligence. Demosocialism is not Venezuela, boy, it is EU, Japan, Israel, Canada… all superior countries to the primitive provincial backwater craphole U$A devastated by Reaganomics thanks to schmucks like you.

            When will you be in Cville with your Tiki torch, boy?

          • Rick Brant

            “…the U$A sucks….the U$A sucks…primitive provincial backwater craphole U$A…”

            That’s all Americans need to know about you, traitor.

          • Barros Serrano

            Oh you’ve got it backwards, cowardly boy.

            You (Republicans) are why the country sucks. I (a Democrat) am one of those trying to improve it, but usually impeded by your malfeasance.

            You vote for corporate hegemony, low wages, lack of protection of rights, environmental destruction, misogyny and white privilege, boy.

            You’re the traitor, clearly.

            I’m still waiting for you to tell me when you’ll come tell me about my dead friends, killed by your vote for Reagan, little boy… bring your daddy.. he needs also to have his butt kicked for raising such a schmuck.

          • Rick Brant

            My father died a number of years ago, having been a decorated veteran fighting for our American freedoms – which your Antifa thug compadres are seeking to destroy. He later worked in the space program, which landed men on the moon – a perpetual testimony to this country’s greatness. He was far more of a man than you and all your Terror Rojo losers are combined. He was also not a traitor to America, unlike you and your masked, black shirted socialist wackos. He taught me to love the USA -again quite unlike your putrid “U$A sucks” drivel. How many days a week do you and your traitorous ilk spend shouting “Death to America” and “U$A sucks”, my anti-American cupcake? Now go to your safe space and turn the AC on high before you melt, triggered little snowflake!

            USA! USA!

          • Barros Serrano

            Your laughable tirade is a joke at best, a caricature of today’s dumbed-down Republican traitors.

            Antifa? Terror Rojo? The latter I’ve never heard of though I speak Castilian fluently. Antifa? They’re going to take over? Really? They’re threatening WHOM exactly besides Nazis and Kluxers? You seem to feel threatened by them, and so what do we conclude from that?

            The U$A sucks now, it is in bad shape. That doesn’t mean I don’t want it to improve. That’s why I vote Democratic, to improve the country. Since you’re voting to trash it, who’s really the patriot, you with your mindless flag-waving or me with thoughtful consideration of how to solve problems?

            I’m not a millennial with a safe space, sorry. I also do not mind heat as I’ve lived and worked in the deserts. Your name-calling continues to reveal just what a trivial little childish petulant brat you really are.

            “Patriots” like you we can do without, boy.

          • Rick Brant

            * yawn*

            Antifa shut down the free speech of Americans on campuses and elsewhere, bully citizens trying to go about their lives on the streets of Portland, terrorize those holding prayer meetings for our country, etc. They act just like fascists do, and are their mirror image.

            Antifa socialist traitors like you America can do without, my naive little young’in.

          • Barros Serrano

            Still not a word about the Kluxers and Nazis. THEY don’t bother you, apparently. How much freedom would we have under THEIR rule, eh? Precious little, I’d wager.

            Are Antifa socialist? I’m told they’re anarchists. They’re not very relevant to politics, so I don’t care. They’re a distraction for you rightwing misfits to obsess on.

            They shut down Nazis and Kluxers. That “prayer meeting” was a racist rightwing incitement… so of course you like it, eh?

            No, little coward, the traitor is you.

            Now, do us a favor and comment on the Nazis, comment on the wannabe-dictator Trumpolini, and stop fetishizing Antifa.

          • Rick Brant

            Moron, I already called out that Antagonizer guy to his face twice for his Nazi antisemitism. Learn to read. So your “Still not a word…” claim falls flat for the lie it is.

            You condemn everyone to the right of you and Che as “Nazis”, “Kluxers”, and “racist rightwing”, so it is hard to take your hysterics seriously.

            No real need to comment on Trump. I do not believe he is a man of commendable character, but his policies mostly are on the right track. (In foreign policy – especially in Syria, he has gone off the rails by listening too much to neocon advisers.) Your “wannabe-dictator” canard is just more risible lefty/dem hysteria.

          • Barros Serrano

            You have to be kidding. Trumpolini has done nothing to improve the Syrian situation, not that anyone else is either… Obama did well, bombed ISIS out of most of its territory, and so on.

            Trumpolini has done little right. He’s antagonized our allies, cuddled up to people like Duterte and Kim. His tariffs are screwing the economy here and elsewhere. The Orange Freak makes Dubya look competent, and who would have thought that could EVER happen?

          • Rick Brant

            Now I know you are reading comprehension impaired. I wrote that I was dissatisfied with Trump’s Syrian policy, and there you are responding as if I had praised it!

            Obama’s limp wristed policies in Syria did squat. Only when the Russians got serious about helping their ally did the situation there really begin to improve.

            Trump’s foreign policies do upset the apple cart; that was long overdue. His negotiations with Kim are a bold new approach, condemned by the same ilk who condemned Nixon’s groundbreaking approach to China. It may or may not succeed.

            And Trump does not bow to foreign potentates. Unlike President B O.

          • Barros Serrano

            You connedservatives have but a tenuous grasp of reality. Obama caused ISIS to lose nearly all its territory. He rescued the Yazidi.

            But now Trumpolini is giving Syria to Russia. And his foreign policy, he declares openly, ignores human rights, as we’re now seeing with the Saudi affair. Murdering journalists… Trumpolini LOVES Putin and the Saudis! Soon I reckon CNN reporters will disappear and orange fingerprints will be found on the bodies.

            You claim to despise Trumpolini yet you support him on nearly everything. Clearly you are a fascist (therefore subhuman scum) who eagerly awaits the Orange Coup which is coming. The “ilk” who condemn Trumpolini are those who care about human rights and democracy. You are certainly not in that group, bloodstained boy.

            You’re a traitor. A vile presence in this country. A fascist. You also think peaceful demonstrations are “Democratic mobs”, right?

            You know what I wish for you, boy…. why not come speak rudely to my face now?

            Coward from a long line of gutless amoral cowards, obviously, just judging from your sickening treasonous demeanor in here.

          • Rick Brant

            Trump is giving Syria to Russia?! You mean, as opposed to the US (which you said “sucks”) invading and occupying it?! Syria has been an ally of Russia for years. It is the US who has no right to intervene in and bomb a country that has not invited us in.

            We will have to see what action Trump takes with the Saudis. B O would already have shuttled over there and given himself a concussion bowing down to them a few more times.

            You have a bad case of Fascist Derangement Syndrome. You see them everywhere. Everyone who disagrees with you is a fascist. They’re next to you at the supermarket, behind you on the street, in government, on school boards, in your refrigerator, under your bed. You’ve lost all contact with reality. [In my best Rod Serling voice:] You have entered….the Barros Zone.

            Why do you want me to speak “to your face”? What difference would that make? Or are you threatening to do me some bodily harm? Why do wacko demosocialists so readily resort to violence? Just like their Antifa thug friends!

            You’re unmasked, sonny. Just another violent anti-American thug.

          • Barros Serrano

            Again, little boy, if you insist on speaking rudely, I insist that you come and do it to my face. But of course… the Right are cowardly blowhards, we all know that.

            Yes, Trumpolini is giving Syria to Russia. Russia sucks. So does Turkey. Is that to complicated for you? All of the powerful nations, and I’ll add Iran to that list, messing with Turkey are criminals and their leaders should all be on trial at The Hague. Obama at least was actually trying to solve things, and did succeed in bombing ISIS out of their territory. Yes, it was Barack Obama who destroyed the Islamic State (same Pres who had bin Laden killed after dubya “couldn’t find him”).

            You’re a prattling nitwit, really. That’s putting it kindly. You ARE a fascist. That has nothing to do with agreeing with me. Fascism is not defined relative to what I believe. You’re a fascist. Period. You’re a traitor. Period.

            Now start packing for Russia, boy.

          • Rick Brant

            Another threat of violence? You continue to show that the Left is willing to use violence when its arguments fail. That is below contempt, and worthy of the neanderthal cavemen you are.

            You are increasingly unhinged in your rants. “Russia sucks. Turkey sucks. Iran sucks. Trump sucks. And don’t forget U$A sucks! Everybody but Antifa thugs, Che, and me sucks!!!”

            Your utter ignorance is show by your farcical idea that B O destroyed ISIS. LOL. You even think that limp wristed schoolmarm actually had something to do with getting bin Laden, when all that little cream puff did was take credit for the success of a plan long ago launched by others. Hilarious.

            Do you still need help getting that ticket to your socialist paradise of Venezuela, chimp? Remember to bring lots of toilet paper, because socialism there can’t even supply enough for its own people, and your presence – so full of sh1t – will do them in entirely!

          • Barros Serrano

            An invitation to come speak with me in person is not a threat of violence, you snivelling coward, son of cowards.

            You Rightist thugs are very brave when aiming a car at a woman in the street, though, I’ll give you that… and in a pack with tiki torches and pepper spray you’re very brave against unsuspecting UVA students. But you, one on one, talking to me? LOL!!! You’ll stutter and look at your shoes, little boy. So like I said, speak politely or in person.

            No, boy, all those countries do suck. Turkey, Iran, Russia, Israel and the U$A are playing political and military games while the Syrian people are slowly fed into a meat grinder. If you don’t have a problem with that, then you’re even sicker than I already know you are. But really tell me which country’s policies in Syria right now will you defend? Have at it, boy, tell me how those countries don’t SUCK!

            Yet Obama bombed ISIS out of their territory and was pursuing a SANE policy, which of course was abandoned, as everything good Obama did, by the Orange Narcissist Administration, which has now told the Saudis even that it is ok to kill journalists… as his buddy Putin does.

            Also, boy, as you are barely literate and don’t keep up with scientific discoveries, I should inform you that your use of “neandertal” as an insult is highly inappropriate. Homo neandertalensis were not hulking brutes such as you see around you at Thanksgiving. They made art, music, took care of injured and disabled individuals, and are part of our ancestry if we trace back to anywhere in Eurasia.

            You really just don’t know much about anything, do you, boy? A few cliches you learned from Ann Coulter or Rush Limbaugh, that’s about the extent of it…

          • Rick Brant

            How typical of you to backtrack your undercurrent of violence when somebody calls you out on it. You suddenly try to deny it and scurry away, like the b@ll-less wonder you are!

            No need for me to defend any country, as I never said anything good about them. (Except about the USA, which I love and which you say “sucks”.) I still say America is the greatest country around – unlike anti-American traitors such as yourself!

            Pres B O was beholden to the same brain dead neocon policies as his predecessors; time to give that garbage the heave-ho.

            No surprise that you would rush to the defense of “insulted” neanderthals; you would naturally feel an affinity for other primitives.

          • Barros Serrano

            I backtracked nothing, liar. The undercurrent of violence comes from you white-right traitors and from your Orange Fuhrer, boy. That and the unending spew of lies.

            Come insult me in person, boy, that is all I’m saying. You’re name-calling and behaving generally like an emotionally-arrested adolescent, and so I think you need to find out what it is like to deal with a real adult. I’m offering you a valuable learning experience, little boy.

            The U$A is greatest on what basis? All the indices show us at the bottom of the heap of developed nations. Our life expectancy in the U$A is dropping (you GOP voters can take credit for that). So, really, tell me about all this exceptionalism you jingoist fascists love to crow about. Exceptional at WHAT exactly? Talking loudly? Dressing tackily? Bullying weaker nations? Rationalizing our history of slavery and genocide? Allowing corporations to take control and inhibit the positive development occurring in the rest of the developed world? Electing pathetic B-actor racist snarkmeisters and Orange Narcissist Megalomaniac Traitors? Refusing to curb pollution which is killing the planet?

            Really, please elaborate on this “greatness” for us, will you, Yank-wank? Then explain how you can see facts clear before your face and yet never get the story straight… Obama is not a neo-con, duh. But your boy is a treasonous fascist… and of course you’re very happy with that, aren’t you, traitor…

            I object to insults against any group by bigoted ignoramuses who themselves barely qualify as H. sapiens. You know nothing about neandertalensis or much else, so how about shutting your trap? That is whey you appear stupid: when you’re trying to use words. And you seem to stop lying only when asleep…

            Sort yourself out, wanker.

          • Rick Brant

            Wow, you use so many words to say so little! How many shekels do you get paid for an average post, troll? You’ll not be making any more on my account, loser! Get a real job already!

            Vale, traditor scurraque!

          • Barros Serrano

            NOTED that this hypocrite who claimed he called the resident Nazi on his Nazism is now throwing antisemitic jabs at me!

            How amusing. Shekels, eh? In fact social media trolls are mostly being paid in rubles, I think…

            In any case, nobody pays me to point out what a fool you are.

            Do you have a stash of tiki torches in your closet, boy?

          • Barros Serrano

            Antisemitic lowlife… shekels?

            I should ask how many rubles are you paid for being a Russki social media troll, boy.

          • Ivan T. Errible

            Were the Antifa in Spain the ones who dug up the nuns’ bodies and put them out on display for people to spit on?
            Or was that a myth?

          • Rick Brant

            Don’t confuse Barros with details about the “Red Terror” (Terror Rojo) committed by his buddies. He thinks all Antifa are choir boys!

          • Ivan T. Errible

            Everyone thinks I ask rhetorical questions.
            This is a sign of their bad faith.

          • Ivan T. Errible

            Are there unreprehensible fascists?

          • Donald G

            Your character and integrity (or lack thereof) are showing. Clearly you are very bigoted in that you cannot tolerate anyone with an opinion or belief other than your very own. If you claim to be a believer, you are not acting like it. As for the “Antifa scum” that you referred to, they are closer to the mark than you are when they speak up for those who have no voice against those with a fascist or theocratic agenda. This country is a Constitutional Democratic Republic and not a theocracy. The Constitution not the Bible governs this Country. And if those who would shove their “holy laws” whether it be certain Evangelicals or Muslims on everyone else would follow their own Bible or Koran, this would be a much better world.

          • The Antagonizer

            Piss off, moron. It’s racially unaware intellectuals like yourself promoting ethnic tension and conflict. You pretend diversity is a strength to avoid being called a racist and to claim the moral high ground, even though history says you are wrong. You are a perfect example of believing good intentions are more important than results. Problem is, the road to Hell is paved with lots of those.
            The real fascists are the Left. They are diversity supremacists. They want forced diversity on everyone.
            Lesson: True freedom means supporting those that want diversity, and those wanting diversity supporting those that don’t.

          • Donald G

            LOL that you call anyone else a moron. I will match my IQ against yours any day. It is quite evident that you have no idea what I believe. I do NOT support ethnic tension or conflict, that is simply a false accusation. I do however stand with the Biblical principle of diversity. Regarding fascism, as a matter of fact (not alternative facts), it is very unlikely that most people of the “left” persuasion are fascist by definition. On the other hand many of those on the contemporary right are corporatism proponents, white supremacists, xenophobics, and theocrats. Most would cucify Christ again if He were on earth today because he would be of the wrong color and ideology. As for the good intentions vs. results issue… God looks at the heart and the intent of the heart and I prefer to be on that side of the war of good against evil. In the current partisan environment, most on the far right believe that only winning matters no matter how you win… by cheating, lying, stealing, colluding with the enemy… whatever it takes to win. Interesting when their same Bible says that no liars or thieves or abusers of power will spend eternity in heaven.

          • The Antagonizer

            Ha, ha, ha. Match my IQ? I’ll tell you how dangerously fucking stupid and hypocritical you are.

            Christians pray for peace, yet embrace diversity as a strength. But history tells us time and again increasing diversity leads to decreasing social trust, decreasing democracy, and an increase in ethnic tension and conflict.

            Christian numbers are decreasing. One the government becomes more authoritarian new laws will be introduced to prevent Christians proselytizing because it will be labeled as hate speech by other ethnic and religious groups.

            You are so fucking arrogant and ignorant you think non-Whites can come to the West and adopt and embrace European values.

            Most churches are naturally segregated for a reason. You can change your religion. You can’t change your race.

            Go to Israel and tell them the conflict between Israel and Palestine has nothing to do with race. They will lock you up for lunacy.

            Different races evolved their own unique traits, natures and temperaments. Forcing them together long term will result in chaos. It is already happening.

          • Donald G

            You just proved that I am correct. I am smarter and think more clearly than you. Only intellectually and morally deficient persons have to resort to name calling and disparaging comments about other peoples race, gender or religion in responding to discussion. Then again I have never known any white supremacists (nationalist) who was able to think for themselves or demonstrated any intelligence. And none have any spiritual maturity or depth.

          • Rick Brant

            Agreed with this country not being a theocracy, nor would I ever want it to be.

          • jekylldoc

            If only the Antifa knew enough to just speak, and not feel called on to use violence.

          • Donald G

            I agree that no one should use violence. Especially when the stand they are taking is on the side of being right because they totally negate the message.

          • The Antagonizer

            So you are anti-White, but that’s okay.
            I mention the subversive attitudes and activities of a few (not all) intellectual Jews and you label me an anti-Semite. Bet you love it when your scared-to-be-labelled-a-racist Gentile friends on this forum agree with your nonsense.

          • Ivan T. Errible

            Lot of jargon, there.
            Glad you’re getting your money’s worth from your BA in “Whatever” Studies!

        • Angela G

          His name is Antagonizer. That is what he is and what he is doing. Ignore him. At least we put our real names out there.

      • The Antagonizer

        Ah. Typical anti-White Communist response. I bet you openly express your desire to see Whites become a US minority and tell others the US will be safer, wealthier, and more united because of it.
        You willfully plant the seeds of reciprocal antipathy between ignorant (not stupid) Gentiles on this forum to divide them, gleefully rubbing your hands as you pit White against White.
        Piss off, scum.

    • PistachioGecko

      This country has always had diversity. And it’s not going away. Because no one is going to tear up communities and families and even individuals to split us up among ethnic gated compounds.

  • This is an excellent piece. Well written, timely, and relevant. This’ll preach! Sharing widely!

  • Rick Brant

    Yes, there are indeed similarities and differences between the case of the woman in John 8 and the Kavanaugh case.

    The woman was condemned for adultery by the powerful of her day – the scribes and the Pharisees,
    Kav was condemned for sexual assault by the powerful of our day – women (“who MUST be believed!”) and the media.

    The woman was considered obviously guilty because of what she was – a woman. And everyone knows women are temptresses who obviously do such things as leading men astray.
    Kav was considered obviously guilty because of what he was – an elite privileged white male. And everyone knows they do these things because, well, “Boys will be boys”, “white privilege”, and “elite”.

    On the other hand, the woman was without a doubt guilty of adultery, having been caught in the act by witnesses.
    Whereas there were no witnesses or corroboration to substantiate Ford’s allegation against Kavanaugh.

    Finally, I doubt whether the crowd attacking Kav would have dispersed in shame after hearing Jesus’ words. More likely they would have stoned Jesus as well.

    • Scumrot Derelict

      Kav was condemned for sexual assault by the powerful of our day

      I can think of at least one group that has more power than “women and the media” – and that would be the Republican Party and Donald J. Trump. And, incidentally, they were all on Kavanaugh’s side.

      Whereas there were no witnesses or corroboration to substantiate Ford’s allegation against Kavanaugh.

      Yeah, it turns out that’s usually the case with sexual assault. It’s not done in public, but in private between the victim and the perpetrator.

      More likely they would have stoned Jesus as well

      Perhaps. One thing I know for certain is the modern-day Republican Party would despise Jesus if he were to show up today. Everything he taught is completely antithetical to current Republican “values.”

      • Rick Brant

        “…that’s usually the case with sexual assault.”

        That is hardly relevant in the Kav case, as Ford claimed there were several witnesses. None corroborated her story.

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    • Donald G

      You are obviously very biased and ignore facts. There were many witnesses and corroboration to substantiate the allegations against Kavanaugh, and not just from the Ford side but others as well. They were not allowed to speak and the investigating authority was not allowed to investigate. The W.O.R.M.s (White Old Republican Men) in the Judicial Committee were very much like the men in this article and their very demeanor and attitude during the hearing showed the content of their hearts. There is no doubt in my mind what they would have done if Christ had been there, he would have called them on their own sins and they would have done the same as those who sent Christ to be crucified.

    • PistachioGecko

      The main difference being, no one was going to stone Kavanaugh.

      • Rick Brant

        If he were alone and surrounded by a mob of angry far left types, I’m not so sure.

    • JR

      It wasn’t so much about Kavanaugh, really. It is about women who have been sexually assaulted, and are mocked and disbelieved. Kavanaugh got what he wanted, and so did the president and judicial committee. He was never condemned. Dr. Ford still can’t go home because she has been threatened, ridiculed, and brow-beaten. The double standard still exists, more publicly than ever. Women who have suffered at the hands of men in any way are treated like shit.

      • Rick Brant

        Speaking about a double standard, you conveniently ignore the fact that Kavanaugh, his wife, and his daughters have also been “threatened, ridiculed, and brow-beaten”, receiving numerous death threats even now. That you choose to ignore this as if Ford were the only one being mistreated reveals your bias.

        • JR

          I admit my bias and I really don’t care if you are offended by that. I have no interest in treating or viewing privileged males fairly when in comes to sexual assault and other double standards and hypocrisy. For centuries women have been treated inhumanely, and it must stop. If that means offending you and other men because we are intent upon righting the centuries old abuse of women, then so be it.

        • swbarnes2

          Can you show a citation for the Kavenaughs receiving death threats?

          Have they been forced to leave their home due to them, like Ford’s family has been?

          • Rick Brant

            Death threats target Brett Kavanaugh’s family, Christine Blasey Ford
            Sep 20, 2018 – A steady stream of violent threats have targeted those involved in the confirmation hearing of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

          • swbarnes2

            An honest person would have answered my second question.

            A half a dozen e-mails, (none of the ones cited was actually a death threat) is not even close to what the Ford family has gone through.

    • Vlacka2

      You must be one of Kav’s Devil’s Triangle buddies.

  • Pennybird

    “In the cultural context at that time, men held the power to use,
    control, manage, interrogate, humiliate, destroy, and yes, even execute
    (by stoning) women.”

    …at that time…?
    All of this is still going on in the world today, much of it in our own country.

  • PistachioGecko

    Lovely post, thank you.

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  • Richard B


  • Brianna LaPoint

    A lot of christians use Jesus as an example for how to be. The problem with that is, hes a 1,700 year old icon that well, might not have done what the christians assume he did. Also, being that he supposedly died, it is very possible he was just a criminal that has been put on a pedastal for all that assume he was more than just a man.

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  • ViewFromHere

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