CBF Podcast: Bri McKoy, Author of “Come and Eat”

CBF Podcast: Bri McKoy, Author of “Come and Eat” May 29, 2018

By Andy Hale 

If we are honest, most of us are looking for that big moment vocationally. Yes, yes, we want God to receive the honor for the results of our work. But come on, we want that book to take off, that project to get coverage, that all-encompassing post to be bountifully shared and liked. The very foundation of social media is to tell others what is going on in our lives and show off what we have just eaten, where we have just visited, and the swag we just picked up, based on the assumption that everyone truly wants to know all this and more…okay, let me tone down my inner “Get Off My Lawn” self.

And yet, more often than not, Jesus brought radical transformation in some of the most nonpublic and nondramatic ways. For every miracle, we also find Jesus sitting around the table and breaking bread with the unsavory folk of backcountry Galilee.

What if the most effective way of changing the world is not in grand committees, campaigns, and or by going viral? What if it begins with something as simple as sharing a meal with others?

In Bri McKoy’s book, “Come and Eat: A Celebration of Love and Grace Around the Everyday Table,” the author provides the theological framework of the transforming power of sharing a meal with others. It provides beautiful receipts to share with others and conversation starters to share life.

We sat down with the author to discuss her book and beginning the art of cooking with zero experience.

Follow Bri on Twitter @BriMcKoy. Check out her website for receipts, videos, and updates.

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Andy Hale leads the Church Starts Initiative and hosts the podcast of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. Hale is a CBF church starter who serves as pastor of Mosaic of Clayton in Clayton, N.C. Follow on Twitter @haleandy

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