Youth Ministry Conversations Podcast

Youth Ministry Conversations Podcast May 9, 2018

Daniel Potter, Minister to Students at First Baptist, Columbus, Ga., started recording a podcast for Youth Ministry Conversations to give youth ministers the opportunity to tell their stories. Daniel is a regular contributor to the YMC blog, a site aimed at helping youth ministers dialogue about their youth ministry calling. However, he believed that a blog was not helpful enough to stimulate this dialogue, so he contacted YMC creator Andrew Noe and asked about starting a podcast.

“I like to say yes to good ideas,” said Andrew Noe, creator of Youth Ministry Conversations and Director of Faithways Academy at Georgetown College in Georgetown, Ky. “When Daniel Potter said a podcast would be a great addition to Youth Ministry Conversations, I immediately said yes. The hope behind the podcast is to allow youth ministers a place to share their stories. Hearing each other’s struggles and celebrations allows us to know we are not alone.”

The podcast creates a new community for youth ministers that allows them to exchange their stories—the stories are the key. It’s not just an academic or theoretical look at youth ministry. It’s real ministers talking about real joys and challenges. In a world that is inundated with visual messages, the podcast transports us back to a time of oral history. Somehow in the telling and hearing of stories, they interweave with our own. They provide new hope, support, encouragement, and fellowship.

The podcast has three episodes available, with a fourth coming later in May.  Join this monthly audio podcast by subscribing in iTunes or the YMC website.

February 13, 2018 Podcast – Getting To Know YMC

Youth Ministry Conversations supports those who minister with youth and their families. Each month they offer articles around a theme (which are free), and new resources, including Bible studies and retreats (for a modest price). YMC is a place where ministers come to share ideas, hear advice, gather resources, and prepare themselves for the many conversations they will have with their journey in their faith. YMC was launched through sponsorship funding with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and is a resource provided by FaithLab.

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