October 20, 2015

Leadership has long had an unfortunate association with taking coercive measures, issuing rewards and punishments. But coercion doesn’t work nearly as well as training others and protecting them from poachers. Read more

October 12, 2015

Here’s a chart-based illustration of why it’s important to explore numbers before using them to make judgments. Read more

October 6, 2015

American churches have a serious talent-retention problem. We ignore a steady, swirling “brain drain.” In too many congregations, service in a leadership position is a prelude to imminent departure. Read more

October 3, 2015

Do we have the fortitude to see the future of our churches as clearly as Mark Watney sees his potato farming? Watney could have spent his last days complaining about being left behind and starving. Instead, he got down to growing potatoes. Read more

September 30, 2015

Let’s transform our congregations from “anchors” that grimly compete for congregants’ scarce time and talents into “launching pads” that generously celebrate the varieties of Christian vocation. Read more

September 28, 2015

You are hereby warmly invited to join a learning community interested in forging strong applied links between social science research findings and the practice of Christian church leadership. Our central question is simple but broad: how are the people of God led? And how should they be led in the future, if we are to advance the mission of the church of Jesus Christ? Read more

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