Praying for Deep Peace

Praying for Deep Peace February 24, 2022

Seriously, pray for peace.  Pray for the world.  Pray for all in the path of this unnecessary war.  Pray for everyone trying to stay. Pray for everyone trying to leave.  Pray for the Russian people protesting in the public square.  Pray for the Russian Platoons who opted to go awol, surrender or lay down their arms rather than kill Ukranians.   Pray for all who know and love someone in the Ukraine.  a


Pray for those who declare themselves our enemies.   Pray for conversion of hearts.  Pray for those in positions of leadership, pray for wisdom, for right judgement, and for all who must make decisions about how to navigate this dangerous situation.   Pray for conversion of hearts. Pray for us all.  Beg Heaven to soften hearts and help the winds of war simply cease the same way the seas and winds obeyed Christ at His command.

This isn’t a time for argument or pettiness, it’s time for all of us to be on our knees, wearing sack cloth and ashes, fasting and praying for God’s mercy on this world and all of us.  We need that mercy pouring over and coating the whole of the Earth and every heart.



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