Sunday, Sundae, Sun Day Someday

Sunday, Sundae, Sun Day Someday June 30, 2022

Today and yesterday, I spent from 9-3:30 on Zoom in a professional development.

I understand as never before, why my students loathed with the passion of all the suns that ever shed light or heat on anything, zoom instruction.   It wasn’t that what was presented was bad or poorly organized or problematic, only that Zoom instruction by its nature, agitates because it is not as active as in real life, and you spend the whole time wrestling with the passivity of television watching.

Fortunately, my family came to the rescue.  My eleven year old said, “Do you need diet coke or chocolate?”

“And my dear, and.”  I said.
She laughed, and the necessary medicinal remedies were acquired.

After class, I drove out to pick up one son and daughter who spent the afternoon (why yes I was jealous), at the pool.  However, I came back to discover my other son 1) made dinner for everyone, and 2) had purchased a birthday present for me.

Sitting out in a newly set up hammock I declared, “This, a Sangria with ice, a book, and some beach music and I’m good.” All the Zoom agitation seeped away with the sun setting.   I didn’t even need a Sangria.   We aren’t just celebrating summer this year, we’re throttling it…and thus far, it’s been really fun which makes me wonder, why we didn’t decide to throttle life sooner.   Answer –really not smart to be so busy.  More fun please.

Spiritually, what am I doing?  Well, since January 1st, I’ve been listening to A Bible in a Year Podcast, watching the daily mass, and as of this week, I’ve re-instituted the “May I pray with you today?” ministry to ensure I do not let a day go by without prayer.   The other goal, is discernment of where we should go from here…because “Now what?” is a favorite thing I ask God –it is a stupid thing to ask God, because He answers, and it’s usually over the top of anything I’d imagine.   But I also trust, whatever the answer is, it will be more restorative than a surprise hammock for my birthday or the both and of diet coke and chocolate.

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