Doubling Down on the Self-Identification Insanity

Doubling Down on the Self-Identification Insanity April 20, 2016

Why is it so particularly difficult to tell a short, white man that he is not a tall, Asian woman? Paul’s rhetoric on something like this, I believe, would be akin to what he spoke of in the book of Romans: “Professing to be wise, they became fools.”

This is precisely what happens when mankind seeks to placate the cultural god of self; in the end, everything is bound in self-refuting subjectivism and emotionalism that has little basis in reality. For a society that lauds empirical evidence in almost everything else – this is the Achilles’ heel. Yet with this bad of an ideology, it isn’t even going to take the piercing of an arrow to bring it down. There is a certain point wherein the madness inherent to self-identification collapses in on itself because the weakened heel can no longer support the weight of the fattened calf.

Yet try as one might – it seems that reasonable dialogue on this issue has only grown like an unwanted tumor and we are about to find ourselves in post-op. Bruce Jenner identified as a woman, and then won “Woman of the Year,” a bit of a cosmic reversal for feminist crowds who wholeheartedly supported his transition. Then Rachel Dolezal came on to the scene, having been found out as the little white girl; yet the liberal, white community again doubled down on insanity. How can you uphold the convictions of celebrating ethnic diversity and decry white privilege whilst also supporting that a white girl, with what would be observed as white privilege, identifies as a black woman?

Interestingly, one of the questions proposed in this video asked, in an exercise of seeking to draw out the absurdity, if it would be acceptable to identify as a 6 year old girl. Rather than recognizing the effort, insanity was doubled down on again. As an aside, this is an actual situation – except with a 52 year-old male. But why stop here? Why not, as what is known as an “Otherkin,” identify as a cat, like a young Norwegian woman has?

6984884135_6d5511c612_zOr perhaps one might identify as something exotic like a dragon, fairy, or unicorn? Others still, maybe something as quaint as a gnat? I personally feel more of a draw toward the Greco-Roman, mythological creature: the Gorgon. Sure it might be difficult not to turn my loved ones to stone, but this is about the health of my self identification, is it not?

Would my job be accommodating to my identity and put up mirrors so co-workers could see me coming?

If one were to carry out the logical implications on the lust for self-identification, it seems swiftly surmised in the desire for unbridled autonomy; life without rule or infliction upon the will, so long as it doesn’t harm anybody. Yet it seems none have drawn that clear line, saying, “This is where harm has come.” You can’t. It is hypothetical and subjective at best, destructive, oppressive, and damning at worst. It has simply become a trope devoid of any real meaning and substance. There are people currently who are being harmed for the sake of becoming what they identify as. Children, who can’t decide what kind of cereal they’d prefer for breakfast, are being given the life-altering choice of demolishing their biological gender.

These are genuine, horribly consequential things that are only being given a broad platform of acceptance under the guise of celebrating freedom and equality. The church is not only going to be coming to grips with how to minister and counsel those who come to faith in a homosexual marriage, but potentially children who’ve been given the green-light by their parents to identify as whatever they desire. The reality check we must all come to grips with is that it is a lie from the pit of hell to say that you can be anything you want to be and do anything you desire to do.


Image Credit: Unicorn by Yosuke Muroya; CC BY-NC 2.0

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