Ideas For Pastor Appreciation Month (October)

For some reason this day of celebration often gets overlooked. Often times the month will pass by without anyone having remembered the special day. I’m sure several reasons can be cited for this: we just get busy with life; minutes turn into hours, hours into days, days into weeks, and pretty soon the month has slipped by. And rarely is the pastor going to mention it himself, I mean think about how that would come across. “Congregation, don’t forget to show me appreciation this month.” [Read more…]

3 Good Reasons Evangelicals Should Vote For Donald Trump

3 Good Reasons Evangelicals Should Vote For Donald Trump [Read more…]

America’s Sexual Ethic Creates Men Like Trump

It is rather amusing and bewildering all at the same time how a basic statement like “we must choose the lesser of two evils” can survive in a nation that legitimately has no idea how to discern good from evil to begin with. Take the latest Trump fiasco, for example: people have lambasted a man [Read More…]

Romans 8:1 – The Verse That Made Me a Calvinist

Have you ever been scared? I mean really, really terrified? I’m not talking about being startled by a scene in a horror movie or just a sense of anxiety from the uncertainty of something, but have you ever been affected by fear to an extent that it immobilized you? If not in a literal, physical [Read More…]

An Unholy Alliance: Christianity and Slavery In Birth of a Nation (2016)

In the new film Birth of a Nation, based on the real life story of Nat Turner, we see both sides of the coin. In the film, starring, produced, and directed by Nate Parker, we see young Nat being taught to read by his master’s daughter. He grows up to be a preacher, which is good when he is able to minister to his people, but is damaging when he is made to preach obedience to other slaves by his master and a conniving white preacher. [Read more…]

Confused John Piper Thinks Naughty By Nature Concert is a Theological Conference; DJs Anyway

SAINT PAUL, MINNESOTA – Concert-goers were surpised when theologian and author John Piper appeared on stage at a local Naughty By Nature concert. Shockingly, not only did Dr. Piper make an appearance but he also joined the group on stage and demonstrated some DJ-ing skills. [Read more…]

Romans 1:30 – The Verse That Made Me a Calvinist

You’ve heard it said “you are where you come from”, and I’m convinced that environmental influences of your youth, in part, make you who you are today. Eli and Peyton Manning grew up their whole lives around football. It’s no wonder, then, they each became Super Bowl MVPs. It’s what they knew. So what does [Read More…]

A Rejoinder to Norman Geisler – & Other Academicians Touting Trump or Hillary

It is altogether alarming to see how many claiming Christ are mastered by their conviction to vote pragmatically rather than by biblical convictions. So many have faltered in seeking to justify voting for either a wicked man or a wicked woman, out of fear, nonetheless. Those who are blatantly directed to “fear not man” are [Read More…]

John 6:44 – The Verse that Made Me a Calvinist

I was raised by parents who loved the Bible and who taught me to love it at an early age. My mother set a consistent example of studying the Bible and praying in the early hours between 4:30 and 6:00 every morning. My father set a consistent example of expository preaching that let the passage [Read More…]

Men – Stop Excusing Sexual Immorality & Love Your Wife

I recently had a conversation with my wife that simultaneously caused me to rejoice and agonize. I have asked her if she minded me sharing through a medium like this, because I felt this brief story gives a common sentiment of many women – yet also provides many men with the opportunity to instill a [Read More…]