Man’s Faith Completely Undone Due to Flying Spaghetti Monster Argument

LANCASTER, MICH. – Apologetics author and speaker Daniel Lee Riley has recently abandoned his faith and 29 year-old ministry altogether due to a relentless and incredibly convincing argument from an atheist regarding the Flying Spaghetti Monster. “The conversation started quite like any other,” said Riley. “We talked at great length regarding the metaphysical reality of [Read More…]

Theologians Rethinking Ten Commandments After Facebook User Points Out That Jesus Hung Out With Sinners

Philadelphia PA—Scholars at the nation’s top seminaries are in shock after local college sophomore, Blaine Richards, informed an evangelical friend on Facebook that Jesus hung out with sinners. [Read more…]

After A Few Lemon Drop Martinis Joel Osteen Confesses He likes His Beer Like He Likes His Theology, Lite

HOUSTON, TX – Over the weekend numerous reports came in of people who claimed they spotted Pastor Joel Osteen at a local bar in downtown Houston drinking. While the reports have yet to be confirmed by the Osteen camp, allegedly, Pastor Osteen was seen drinking a few Lemon Drop Martini and “multiple” Bud Lights. [Read more…]

Pathos, Ethos, and Logos; Regaining the Ground for Coherent Logic

Far too often we express virtue in emotion without virtue in thought. While there are countless expressions with which this is made manifest, perhaps the easiest way for us to see this is simply by scrolling through the news feed of our social media of choice. For most people, complex topics with emotionally charged consequences [Read More…]

What Happens When Arminians Are Consistent In Their Theology

As Christians, we are to mold our lives and theology to the teachings of scripture and not the other way around. There is a significant danger in making God the way you want Him to be. You create an idol. You are worship God not as He is but as you want Him to be. It’s been my experience that those who try and manipulate scripture to fit their idea of God, often create a “god” that is oddly similar to themselves. God becomes passionate about the things they are passionate about. God tends to become politically sided with their party. God becomes a cause for war and violence. God becomes a tool to achieve a personal agenda. [Read more…]

20 Great Films From Around The World

I’m often asked by people in my church, “Jonathan, you’ve convinced me that I really do want to become a more well-rounded film viewer. I am ready to commit to watching subtitled movies and to expand my horizons beyond Hollywood. What should I watch in world cinema?” (Actually, I’ve never been asked that, mostly I just get asked what my favorite film is and if I can recommend anything they might like, without having to read subtitles) [Read more…]

F.L.A.P.S. for Faith

Introduction: Baptism is what we do to make a public proclamation of faith in Jesus Christ. It’s an outward declaration of an internal change. It’s one of those things we get excited about and can’t help but share. In the Gospels it’s interesting to note that Peter was a bit shaky. Sometimes he was as [Read More…]

Calming Down with Help from Psalm 23

“In every pew is a broken heart. Speak often on suffering and you will never lack for a congregation.” – Joseph Parker THE 23RD PSALM There are some risks inherent with preaching or writing about Psalm 23. What I mean by that is it is such a well-known, popular psalm that it’s easy to tune [Read More…]

A Recipe for Prayer

Sometimes I think people make too much out of prayer. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about its importance or its purpose, I just mean I think they try so hard to define it they end up complicating it. They pay too much attention on prescribing a formula to prayer that they miss the [Read More…]

A Familiar Road Trip

INTRODUCTION: “Wow, this piece of fruit is delicious!” he said, as he took a third bite of the crisp piece of fruit. “I know” she said “and to think we weren’t even supposed to eat anything from that tree. We would’ve never known how good it was.” “Hold up a minute,” his chewing stopped and [Read More…]