LifeWay Debuts Paul Tripp Mustache to Equip Biblical Counselors

NASHVILLE, TN – LifeWay Christian Resources recently unveiled the mother-of-all biblical counseling resources to better equip struggling Christian counselors across the U.S with their new product, the Paul Tripp Mustache™.The Paul Tripp Mustache™ advertises itself as the premier biblical counseling tool, able to not only boost the confidence and performance of counselors in session, but enable them to pursue and develop a robust strategy in ministering to hurting, confused, and broken people … [Read More...]

Forgiveness Does NOT Mean No Consequences

Many modern Christians seem to view sin as if it is such a minor detail in the overall equation, when the reality is that our understanding of the sinfulness of mankind is central to our understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ. If we fail to grasp the seriousness of sin, we fail to grasp the power of the gospel and the extent of Christ's forgiveness – yet ultimately, we fail to grasp the holiness of God. It would seem evident that many likewise, fail to realize that sin has lasting c … [Read More...]

Memento and The Lord’s Supper

I once watched Memento (2000) with a group and afterwards one of the group members said that he didn’t like the film because the medical condition of the main character is so rare that he couldn’t identify with it, and so he had little sympathy for the protagonist. But, it seems to me that the film i … [Read More...]

You’re Wrong; Limited Atonement is Beautiful

In a recent post, by a fellow Patheos blogger, titled “Did Jesus Die Only To Save His Favorite? (The Calvinist Heresy of Limited Atonement),” Benjamin Corey argues the calvinistic doctrine of Limited Atonement is unbiblical. He doesn’t stop there, he adds words like “insane” and “heresy” to his list … [Read More...]

Christians Are Having an Identity Crisis

I can’t quite help but sense that modern Christians are having an identity crisis – and this ultimately is what seems to be at the root of our troubles. We have so narrowly defined the gospel, as if the only thing that matters is the truth claims of the gospel and the indicative reality of what tho … [Read More...]

Rewriting “Knowing God” (Fake Book Ideas)

"Knowing God" by J.I. Packer is a modern classic. You should buy and read this book. It's well written, logical, biblical, and an excellent resource for anyone look to deepen their understanding of theology. But for a moment, let's imagine Packer never wrote it. That would leave others a chance to … [Read More...]

Bill Nye Spotted in Dumpster Looking For His Next Scientific Thesis

Los Angeles, CA - According to a local news source, several witnesses claim to have spotted Bill Nye “The Science Guy” in a dumpster. When someone approached him to see if everything was OK, he told them he was just looking for his “next scientific thesis.”“When I saw him, I was instantly very co … [Read More...]

‘I Love Jesus But Not the Church’ Just Means You Don’t Love Jesus

I find it puzzling that this topic is still up for debate, yet the sentiments of many Western Christians is that you can love Jesus without loving the church. Verbose arguments abound on the church not being confined to a building – that all spaces are sacred and therefore, filled with divine p … [Read More...]

Study Finds There are More Christian Podcasts Than Actual Christians

A recent joint study conducted by Apple, Inc. and The Pew Research Group left researchers shocked to find that there are more Christian podcasts than actual Christians. The findings have left many stunned, and others feeling vindicated.“I knew it,” commented Julia, an avid Christian podcast liste … [Read More...]

Brad’s Wife To Be Named New CEO of United Airlines

 CHICAGO, IL - In less than 48 hours after a video went viral depicting a man being dragged off a plane, United Airlines is making efforts to repair their damaged public image. This morning they announced plans to fire current CEO, Oscar Munoz, and hire former Cracker Barrel waitress, … [Read More...]

God’s Will For Your Life Is That You Would Suffer

Like it or not, God's will for your life is that you would suffer.In various capacities, one may sense relief, anger, frustration, concern, and a host of other emotions that one ought to wrestle with as they come to grips with the reality of death, sickness, pain, trials, and the onslaught of … [Read More...]

How Should We Raise Smart Kids? A Review of Gifted

In My Kid Could Paint That, a fascinating documentary about 4-year-old painting ‘prodigy’ Marla Olmstead, one of the talking head interviewees, Michael Kimmelman, asserts, “[We have] a very bizarre obsession with child prodigies. This fascination we have with the child who somehow exceeds all conce … [Read More...]

The Christian’s Pursuit of Happiness

As humans, we spend the better part of our lives seeking happiness. We search for it in pretty much all that we do; we seek it in relationships, jobs, social media, Netflix, pets, games, sports, shopping and more. Notable theologian John Piper has even coined the phrase “Christian Hedonism,” exp … [Read More...]

Must I Avoid the Appearance of Evil?

Recently, I had a church member send me this message, “I have run across arguments based on the verse about avoiding ‘even the appearance of evil,’ using this verse to basically say we shouldn’t engage in anything cultural. Since people do make certain assumptions based on our cultural involvement (i … [Read More...]

Did New Testament Authors See Their Writings as Inspired?

There has been much work done on the New Testament’s view and use of the Old Testament, with good reason. Many of the historical claims of the Old Testament have been contested (e.g. a historical Adam, the Noahic flood, the Exodus) and so theologians have turned to the New Testament to show that C … [Read More...]

A Definitive List of The Top 10 Christian Podcasts

If you are like me, you find your car time becoming less about music and more about podcasts. Christian Podcasts are a wonderful way to get plugged into news, entertainment, and culture in a relevant way. Not to mention the benefit of edification and learning. There are dozens upon dozens of gospel … [Read More...]

David Platt Thrilled To Graduate High School

 Richmond, Virginia – As Spring quickly approaches, so does the graduation season, and no one is more excited to graduate than Memorial High School Senior, David Platt.“I have really enjoyed the last 4 years,” commented the soon-to-be 18-year-old standout, David Platt. “I have learned so … [Read More...]

Princeton Theological Seminary Appalled Kuyper Prize Named After Kuyper

Princeton Theological Seminary - Princeton, NJAfter revoking the 2017 Kuyper Prize from Presbyterian church planter and author, Tim Keller, Princeton Theological Seminary president, Craig Barnes and faculty were alarmed to discover that the Kuyper award was also named after Abraham Kuyper, whose … [Read More...]

Barnabas Encouragement Ministry Mistakenly Calls Themselves “The Barabbas Group”

 PORTLAND, OR – A new ministry at Life Lessons Baptist Church, aimed at encouraging the brokenhearted, is in disarray this morning after they mistakenly had printed 100,000 street pamphlets with the name Barabbas, instead of Barnabas, in the title.The Pamphlet reads: “The Barabbas Gro … [Read More...]

Death and the Art of Dying Well

I have heard numerous stories from my pastor recalling the days he worked with the LAPD, yet the stories which stick out most are always those he has told about receiving the call to go to the scene of an individual’s death. The way they died has not stuck out so much as my pastor’s simple reminder t … [Read More...]