Quoting the Bible Is Not Enough to Support Your Faith

The age of the internet has brought on an incredible surge of theologians being given a platform to speak, write, and debate upon. Lest I be completely self unaware, I recognize the writing I am about to propose applies equally to myself (hence why I feel comfortable writing it). Using a broad definition of “theologian” [Read More…]

Matthew 20:28: The Topsy Turvy Kingdom of Jesus

Power, greed, authority. Sounds like the main reasons the two “official” candidates are running for office this year doesn’t it? Well, unfortunately it’s nothing new. Even the humble, sacrificial disciples of Jesus fell into this lustful trap. Let’s take a look at one such incident where James and John displayed the weakness of humanity. [Read more…]

The Truth on Tithing

I’d like to take a moment and discuss one of my ministry areas that are near and dear to my heart. I have a few areas in particular I feel led to address in my ministry and tithing is one of them. Not as an advocate for tithing, which may surprise some, but as one to spread the message that tithing is being practiced when it should not be. For the most part I think pastors are being genuine in their teaching to adhere to the tithe, genuine but genuinely wrong. The majority are trying teach giving and how it blesses us, but still, tithing is not the New Testament pattern. In many cases, though, it is used as a manipulative tool to increase their own back accounts or at least to keep their paychecks rolling in. [Read more…]

Stop Worrying! God’s Candidate Wins The Election

A guest post from Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr. – Have you heard? This upcoming presidential election is the most vital election in the history of the nation. There are likely multiple Supreme Court openings that will need to be filled during this upcoming term. The candidate on the left is a dangerous ideologue with a sketchy past. The candidate on the right has his own flaws, but most evangelical Christians agree that as bad a candidate as he might be, he is a superior choice to his opponent. [Read more…]

Local Man Confident He Can Watch Women’s Olympic Beach Volleyball Without Stumbling

LEAWOOD KS, – A local Christian man named Jonathan Willis is so determined not to miss any of the Olympic action that he has convinced his family, friends and church that he can watch the women’s beach volleyball competition without inappropriate thoughts. [Read more…]

5 Websites Every Christian Needs To Visit

A list of 5 websites that every Christian needs to visit on a regular basis. [Read more…]

The Need For The Resurrection in “The Wait”

The Wait (2016, L’Attesa in Italian) is a new film available to stream from filmmaker Piero Messina, who was an Assistant Director on Oscar Foreign Language Film Winner The Great Beauty. It is a psychological character study that rewards the patient viewer with beautiful images and much to think about, eschewing big plot turns and dramatic monologues. [Read more…]

Help In a Time of Trouble

Do you have areas in your life where you’ve reached your limit or almost reached your limit? If so maybe you should learn to relax, admit you don’t know what to do, make some schedule cuts, and “be still.” [Read more…]

Sunday School is Dead (But Not Like You Think)

I had a discussion with a fellow pastor recently who tried to adamantly make the case that “Sunday School is dead”; that Sunday school was a useless practice, in no small part because you simply can’t get that many people committed. This archaic method of yesteryear spiritual education just can’t seem to put up the [Read More…]

Do I Have to Sing When I Go to Church?

We thought it would work. We thought that if we got rid of the choirs and the antiquated hymns, and replaced them with great folk and rock musicians and songs that sounded like the music people sing along to on the radio, that people would come and participate and experience God in a new, powerful, [Read More…]