Eugene Peterson and the Exodus from Biblical Christianity

In an interview with Jonathan Merritt, Eugene Peterson openly expressed that if he were still pastoring, he would have no qualms performing a same-sex wedding ceremony for a “…gay couple in [his] church who were Christians of good faith.” The veritable “who’s who” of gay-affirming “Christians” have exploded with affirmation and enthusiasm over the apparent switch of biblical ethics on the issue of marriage by Eugene Peterson. Rachel Held Evans, in her classic style, quickly moved to question whet … [Read More...]

Christians SHOULD Place a ‘Ridiculous Emphasis on the Bible’

Recently, Church Leaders published a troubling blog post from Brian Jones titled, The Ridiculous Emphasis Christians Place on the Bible. The essential thrust of the post is summed up nicely in the title, though he offers several reasons as to why he makes this argument. The idea being that we have strayed far from the intent of Christianity in that we assume being a Christian means we must “…have a relationship with the Bible instead of the risen Jesus.”How has the church come to this concl … [Read More...]

Echoes of Calvin Onscreen: Baby Driver and Wonder Woman

Dorothy Sayers once wrote, “In the greatest fiction, the writer’s moral sense coincides with his dramatic sense, and I see no way for it to do this unless his moral judgment is part of the very act of seeing, and he is free to use it.”Two of this Summer’s biggest movies are works of fiction with … [Read More...]

A Picture of Tragedy: Abortion’s Aftermath

Huddled down, weeping, and undoubtedly questioning the decision to end her child’s life, the young woman pictured here, had only minutes before walked behind that wobbly chain link fence hoping for a resolution. She longed to find freedom from the cluster of cells that put chains on her future. In … [Read More...]

Why You Should Never Separate The 10 Commandments From The Prologue

How can we know God’s will? A non-religious person might say that we can’t know God’s will, or even if there is a God. But, a Christian would say that we can know God’s will because He has revealed it to us. Christian theologians have always taught that God’s will is found throughout the Bible, but t … [Read More...]

Of Course Hell is ‘Bigotry’ to People Like Bernie Sanders

It would seem Bernie Sanders has missed the 2,000(ish) year old boat, as he is now just discovering that the person of Christ and the claims of Scripture are central to the Christian faith. All of the political hogwash seemed devised to draw out the main fear of Bernie Sanders: Trump. Now, … [Read More...]

Former Comedian Kathy Griffin and Consequences

On Friday, comedian Kathy Griffin tearfully apologized in a press conference for her posing in a photo with a bloodied and severed head of U.S. President Donald Trump, commenting that her career was over and Trump “broke” her. She goes on complaining about the numerous sponsorships and jobs she lost … [Read More...]

Why Do Christians Struggle To Pray Daily?

One of my favorite quotes on prayer comes from puritan, John Owen. He writes, “I had rather learn what some men really judge about their own justification from their prayers than their writings.” In other words, what and how one prays speaks volumes more about their godly character than what they mig … [Read More...]

LifeWay Debuts Paul Tripp Mustache to Equip Biblical Counselors

NASHVILLE, TN – LifeWay Christian Resources recently unveiled the mother-of-all biblical counseling resources to better equip struggling Christian counselors across the U.S with their new product, the Paul Tripp Mustache™.The Paul Tripp Mustache™ advertises itself as the premier biblical couns … [Read More...]

Forgiveness Does NOT Mean No Consequences

Many modern Christians seem to view sin as if it is such a minor detail in the overall equation, when the reality is that our understanding of the sinfulness of mankind is central to our understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ. If we fail to grasp the seriousness of sin, we fail to grasp the … [Read More...]

Memento and The Lord’s Supper

I once watched Memento (2000) with a group and afterwards one of the group members said that he didn’t like the film because the medical condition of the main character is so rare that he couldn’t identify with it, and so he had little sympathy for the protagonist. But, it seems to me that the film i … [Read More...]

You’re Wrong; Limited Atonement is Beautiful

In a recent post, by a fellow Patheos blogger, titled “Did Jesus Die Only To Save His Favorite? (The Calvinist Heresy of Limited Atonement),” Benjamin Corey argues the calvinistic doctrine of Limited Atonement is unbiblical. He doesn’t stop there, he adds words like “insane” and “heresy” to his list … [Read More...]

Christians Are Having an Identity Crisis

I can’t quite help but sense that modern Christians are having an identity crisis – and this ultimately is what seems to be at the root of our troubles. We have so narrowly defined the gospel, as if the only thing that matters is the truth claims of the gospel and the indicative reality of what tho … [Read More...]

Rewriting “Knowing God” (Fake Book Ideas)

"Knowing God" by J.I. Packer is a modern classic. You should buy and read this book. It's well written, logical, biblical, and an excellent resource for anyone look to deepen their understanding of theology. But for a moment, let's imagine Packer never wrote it. That would leave others a chance to … [Read More...]

Bill Nye Spotted in Dumpster Looking For His Next Scientific Thesis

Los Angeles, CA - According to a local news source, several witnesses claim to have spotted Bill Nye “The Science Guy” in a dumpster. When someone approached him to see if everything was OK, he told them he was just looking for his “next scientific thesis.”“When I saw him, I was instantly very co … [Read More...]

‘I Love Jesus But Not the Church’ Just Means You Don’t Love Jesus

I find it puzzling that this topic is still up for debate, yet the sentiments of many Western Christians is that you can love Jesus without loving the church. Verbose arguments abound on the church not being confined to a building – that all spaces are sacred and therefore, filled with divine p … [Read More...]

Study Finds There are More Christian Podcasts Than Actual Christians

A recent joint study conducted by Apple, Inc. and The Pew Research Group left researchers shocked to find that there are more Christian podcasts than actual Christians. The findings have left many stunned, and others feeling vindicated.“I knew it,” commented Julia, an avid Christian podcast liste … [Read More...]

Brad’s Wife To Be Named New CEO of United Airlines

 CHICAGO, IL - In less than 48 hours after a video went viral depicting a man being dragged off a plane, United Airlines is making efforts to repair their damaged public image. This morning they announced plans to fire current CEO, Oscar Munoz, and hire former Cracker Barrel waitress, … [Read More...]

God’s Will For Your Life Is That You Would Suffer

Like it or not, God's will for your life is that you would suffer.In various capacities, one may sense relief, anger, frustration, concern, and a host of other emotions that one ought to wrestle with as they come to grips with the reality of death, sickness, pain, trials, and the onslaught of … [Read More...]

How Should We Raise Smart Kids? A Review of Gifted

In My Kid Could Paint That, a fascinating documentary about 4-year-old painting ‘prodigy’ Marla Olmstead, one of the talking head interviewees, Michael Kimmelman, asserts, “[We have] a very bizarre obsession with child prodigies. This fascination we have with the child who somehow exceeds all conce … [Read More...]