8 Reasons Jesus Died: Reflections on Isaiah 53

The cross of Christ is a critical distinguishing factor of Christianity. Deny the reality of the event or the historical existence of the person, and you end up something very anti-Christian. In the most beautiful demonstration of love the world has ever seen, God became man to suffer in place of His people. I have heard it said that justice and love kissed on the cross. Justice demands punishment for sin and love offers a perfect substitute. Read more

Baptist Research Panel Confirms: Premarital Sex Leads to Dancing

In the small, Mid-west town known by the name of Bomont, a panel of fundamentalist Baptist preachers recently released a study confirming a well-known, but never empirically proven fact: dancing is of the devil. As any serious student of the Scriptures knows, dancing of any form is anathema, leading partakers to swiftly endure the full fury of the Almighty. Yet surprisingly, the panel stumbled upon the root cause of dancing – something which has alluded Baptists since the dawn of… Read more

Doctors Confirm That Pastor Carl Lentz is Missing His Spine

New York, NY – Hillsong Church Pastor Carl Lentz sought professional help in response to the heavy backlash from refusing to acknowledge that abortion is a sin on his recent appearance on ABC’s The View. After frantically visiting medical professionals all over New York state, doctors have confirmed what many feared: Carl Lentz is indeed without a spine Read more

The Texas Shooting and Our Propensity to Scapegoat

We have an innate propensity to dispense cheap solutions which never address the heart of the matter. Read more

I’ll Push You: Joy Through Serving

A new documentary that opens this week, I’ll Push You, shows two friends going on a unique journey in order to see the world but ultimately to delight in each other’s friendship. Through their journey they learn humility and how serving brings joy. Read more

Reformation 500: Not a Celebration of the Reformers, but God’s Glory

In the wake of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, undoubtedly, much ink has been spilled contemplating the spirited boldness and theological acumen of the Reformers. In the midst of this though, many Catholics and Protestants alike are expressing something of great concern: lament over the divide the Reformation caused. This is disconcerting simply by virtue of the lament being over the division itself rather than the gospel. Strikingly, it seems the majority of Roman Catholics and Protestants have either neglected… Read more

Clinging To Hope: Why I’m Celebrating Life After a Miscarriage

She is equally as human as you and I; I love her and miss her. Read more

Love ≠ Acceptance of Who You Are

Contrary to popular belief, love does not mean acceptance of who you are. Read more

Why Eminem’s Trump Rap is Doing More Harm Than Good

If you told me in 2002 that 15 years later, Donald Trump would be our President, Kid Rock would be running for Senate, and Eminem would become a celebrity spokesperson for human rights, I would have laughed you out of the room. Read more

Unity in Christ Demands Belief in & Obedience to the Scriptures

Who is it that you say Christ is? Far too often this question is relegated to the unbeliever, whether the atheist, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Agnostic, or whomever. Read more

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