Why You Should Never Separate The 10 Commandments From The Prologue

How can we know God’s will? A non-religious person might say that we can’t know God’s will, or even if there is a God. But, a Christian would say that we can know God’s will because He has revealed it to us. Christian theologians have always taught that God’s will is found throughout the Bible, but that it is clearly articulated in the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20. Those 10 Commandments are the basis not only for the rest of... Read more

Of Course Hell is ‘Bigotry’ to People Like Bernie Sanders

It would seem Bernie Sanders has missed the 2,000(ish) year old boat, as he is now just discovering that the person of Christ and the claims of Scripture are central to the Christian faith. All of the political hogwash seemed devised to draw out the main fear of Bernie Sanders: Trump. Now, ultimately, I don’t really care about Trump. He doesn’t concern me. The powers-that-be don’t concern me. I legitimately believe that one ought not to have any fear of mankind... Read more

Former Comedian Kathy Griffin and Consequences

On Friday, comedian Kathy Griffin tearfully apologized in a press conference for her posing in a photo with a bloodied and severed head of U.S. President Donald Trump, commenting that her career was over and Trump “broke” her. She goes on complaining about the numerous sponsorships and jobs she lost due to the photo, stating, “I don’t think I will have a career after this.” Don’t fret, Kathy. You will still be able to find work. There will always be... Read more

Why Do Christians Struggle To Pray Daily?

One of my favorite quotes on prayer comes from puritan, John Owen. He writes, “I had rather learn what some men really judge about their own justification from their prayers than their writings.” In other words, what and how one prays speaks volumes more about their godly character than what they might thoughtfully write out. I think Owen is getting at the heart of why Christians struggle to pray daily. In short, we don’t think it’s significant or worth our... Read more

LifeWay Debuts Paul Tripp Mustache to Equip Biblical Counselors

NASHVILLE, TN – LifeWay Christian Resources recently unveiled the mother-of-all biblical counseling resources to better equip struggling Christian counselors across the U.S with their new product, the Paul Tripp Mustache™. The Paul Tripp Mustache™ advertises itself as the premier biblical counseling tool, able to not only boost the confidence and performance of counselors in session, but enable them to pursue and develop a robust strategy in ministering to hurting, confused, and broken people in a broken world. While some have... Read more

Forgiveness Does NOT Mean No Consequences

Many modern Christians seem to view sin as if it is such a minor detail in the overall equation, when the reality is that our understanding of the sinfulness of mankind is central to our understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ. If we fail to grasp the seriousness of sin, we fail to grasp the power of the gospel and the extent of Christ’s forgiveness – yet ultimately, we fail to grasp the holiness of God. It would seem... Read more

Memento and The Lord’s Supper

I once watched Memento (2000) with a group and afterwards one of the group members said that he didn’t like the film because the medical condition of the main character is so rare that he couldn’t identify with it, and so he had little sympathy for the protagonist. But, it seems to me that the film is an examination, not so much of a medical condition, but of Leonard’s real condition, the condition of being human and trying to make... Read more

You’re Wrong; Limited Atonement is Beautiful

In a recent post, by a fellow Patheos blogger, titled “Did Jesus Die Only To Save His Favorite? (The Calvinist Heresy of Limited Atonement),” Benjamin Corey argues the calvinistic doctrine of Limited Atonement is unbiblical. He doesn’t stop there, he adds words like “insane” and “heresy” to his list of eye-brow raising descriptions. His argument is underwhelming and mostly unsupported (citing only 2 verses and satirical children’s poem). The title of the article alone, specifically the use of the word... Read more

Christians Are Having an Identity Crisis

I can’t quite help but sense that modern Christians are having an identity crisis – and this ultimately is what seems to be at the root of our troubles. We have so narrowly defined the gospel, as if the only thing that matters is the truth claims of the gospel and the indicative reality of what those truth claims have accomplished. Yet in this, we have left a lopsided gospel. We have often advocated merely for the indicatives of the... Read more

Rewriting “Knowing God” (Fake Book Ideas)

“Knowing God” by J.I. Packer is a modern classic. You should buy and read this book. It’s well written, logical, biblical, and an excellent resource for anyone look to deepen their understanding of theology. But for a moment, let’s imagine Packer never wrote it. That would leave others a chance to write their version of “Knowing ___ .” Here are some ideas of alternative books that could be written; best sellers, for sure!                    ... Read more