The film falls in to the old mistake of seeing Old Testament characters as simply moral examples, to either follow or learn from. Read more

If there is anything the Parkland shooting has revealed, it is that the baser instincts of mankind are still very much present, yet perhaps not in the way many would expect. The news, if you don’t know, is that 19 year old Nikolas Cruz gunned down at least 17 victims with a rifle at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Perhaps what was most interesting was how quickly the event became a platform to bypass the tragedy and… Read more

A flurry of coverage has erupted from nearly every major news outlet over the recent nuptials of Catholic school teacher, Jocelyn Morffi, and her fiancé, Natasha Hass, and Jocelyn’s subsequent firing from her job. At first blush that might seem a little surprising – yet here’s the rub: her job at a Catholic school was terminated because her conduct was in opposition to the institution’s bylaws, her own contract, and the Catholic Church’s position. While ALCU hasn’t gotten involved as… Read more

In terms of progressive ideals, what we see is not a new or improved culture, but rather, an anti-culture. As a whole, the presuppositions of the movement are grounded upon that which is anti, or against, traditional, biblical norms. In this, the appeal to affirming sexuality as a fluid construct is wholly dependent upon one’s personal desires and completely dismisses the ideals set beforehand. It is anti-history, anti-religious, and more clearly, anti-Christian. What makes this noteworthy is that the positive… Read more

As I watched the final episode of the 3 season BBC show Broadchurch (airing in the US on Netflix), I realized that what I had been watching for 24 episodes was an extended lament on the loss of Christianity and objective morality in England and the West. Read more

Since the passing of Roe V. Wade, it can hardly be claimed Americans have a dire sense of justice and mercy. Read more

I recently had the opportunity to speak with actor and producer Richard Blake about the upcoming release of his new movie The Rocket. One of the things I have always enjoyed about Richard is that he’s not afraid to step out and seek after something with all of his energy. I had a chance to watch the film in a pre-screening – and you can certainly tell his energy and passion was infectious with everyone he partnered with to bring this project… Read more

Jesus tells us that there is a way to grow young. In fact, He tells us that we have to become young again to be able to get in to heaven Read more

I don’t believe there is a clearer mirror reflecting our understanding of the work of Christ than our reaction to being caught in sin. Read more

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