A Definitive List of The Top 10 Christian Podcasts

If you are like me, you find your car time becoming less about music and more about podcasts. Christian Podcasts are a wonderful way to get plugged into news, entertainment, and culture in a relevant way. Not to mention the benefit of edification and learning. There are dozens upon dozens of gospel centered podcasts aimed at teaching and edification and it can be difficult to sort through them all. Read more

David Platt Thrilled To Graduate High School

  Richmond, Virginia – As Spring quickly approaches, so does the graduation season, and no one is more excited to graduate than Memorial High School Senior, David Platt. “I have really enjoyed the last 4 years,” commented the soon-to-be 18-year-old standout, David Platt. “I have learned so much about who I am as sinner before a Holy God. I cannot wait to graduate, and finally buy a car; then nothing can slow me down from sharing the good news all… Read more

Princeton Theological Seminary Appalled Kuyper Prize Named After Kuyper

Princeton Theological Seminary – Princeton, NJ After revoking the 2017 Kuyper Prize from Presbyterian church planter and author, Tim Keller, Princeton Theological Seminary president, Craig Barnes and faculty were alarmed to discover that the Kuyper award was also named after Abraham Kuyper, whose own views called into question the rich, theological distinctiveness of the seminary. Barnes cordially noted, “I was as shocked as anyone else to find out that Kuyper held to similar, historic, orthodox Christian views on the ordination… Read more

Barnabas Encouragement Ministry Mistakenly Calls Themselves “The Barabbas Group”

  PORTLAND, OR – A new ministry at Life Lessons Baptist Church, aimed at encouraging the brokenhearted, is in disarray this morning after they mistakenly had printed 100,000 street pamphlets with the name Barabbas, instead of Barnabas, in the title. The Pamphlet reads: “The Barabbas Group: Encouragement For People / For as little as $99 a year you can buy the kind of encouragement that only Barabbas could offer” “Well, this is embarrassing,” commended church courier Jack Stokes. “I’m not… Read more

Death and the Art of Dying Well

I have heard numerous stories from my pastor recalling the days he worked with the LAPD, yet the stories which stick out most are always those he has told about receiving the call to go to the scene of an individual’s death. The way they died has not stuck out so much as my pastor’s simple reminder that death generally comes when we least expect it. It more often happens in the midst of the mundane rituals we perform daily…. Read more

Introvert Forced To Serve As Greeter While Under Church Discipline

According to multiple reports, Brendan Kirby, a well-known introvert, was forced to serve as a greeter in his local church while under church discipline. Although Brendan remains unrepentant, the elders are hopefully he will come around soon. Read more

Why is an Evangelical Pastor Excited About Moonlight Winning Best Picture?

I am an Evangelical pastor who is conservative theologically, believing the historic orthodox doctrines of Christianity, including the inerrancy of Scripture, the unique sufficiency of Christ, and the establishment of marriage as between one man and one woman. And I’m also excited that Moonlight won Best Picture at the Academy Awards just a few weeks ago. Read more

Today Women Are Striking, and I am Going to Work

Today is March 8th. Today is an important day for women as women all over the world are called to strike. I however, am going to work. Read more

A Scriptural Argument For Infant Baptism

Ephesians 6 is not a chapter I see people often directed to when they inquire about covenant theology or infant baptism. Yet, I find it to contain some intriguing text for the subjects. It speaks volumes about the relationship of children to their parents and God. It also gives us insightful historical references and context that we can draw compelling conclusions from. When you study this text in detail you find that covenant theology is clearly seen and applied. Once this foundation is established, we discover a persuasive argument for infant baptism. Read more

Jesus: The Comforting and Threatening Light

Jesus is like fire, both a comforting and threatening light. He’s comforting to those who are tired of the darkness and want to see; to those who are willing to come into the light and to be known. But He’s threatening to those who don’t want to be known. He is a threat to those who are building their own kingdoms in the dark, and who are making money off of other people being in the dark Read more