Our Cultural Moment

Our Cultural Moment May 3, 2022

The apoplectic rage of those who wish to protect their “right” to terminate the life of the innocent is nothing short of astounding. I say this, not because the outrage isn’t to be expected, but simply that if there were any lingering doubt on what the Democratic platform, and leftism in general, holds dear, there is no longer an air of mystery. With the leak of the SCOTUS draft on ending Roe v. Wade, we get a window into the soul that loves evil and death. Just as it was the case for the summer of [sic] mostly peaceful protests, we’re seeing many leading figures make fools of themselves.

Sitting senators call for an elimination of the filibuster in order to shove through the [sic] Women’s Health Protection Act, simply as a means to codify Roe v. Wade into law.

Hillary Clinton unironically makes a statement saying, “The pain and horror of the Holocaust must never be forgotten,” just prior to finding out the news. Upon hearing it, she bemoans, “This decision is a direct assault on dignity, rights, and lives of women, not to mention decades of settled law. It will kill and subjugate women even as a vast majority of Americans think abortion should be legal. What an utter disgrace.”

Many a blue check mark tweets on how people need to figure out whether or not they’re willing to break the law to help a friend procure an abortion. They call those who wish to uphold the value of life the “far right extremists,” and condone that which they lamented about the January 6th Capitol riots.

Even still, others are terrified at the prospect of seeing Obergefell overturned as well—sickeningly perpetuating the lie that the undercurrents of those who wish to see abortion overturned are closeted racists who will then follow this all up by ending interracial marriage.

While it is a time for potential rejoicing at what may come—and good Lord, let’s hope it actually comes—there is a subtle attack on the integrity of the Supreme Court. Whether or not you believe corruption happened during the 2020 election is of little consequence at this point simply because there is no meaningful trust in any institution we have left. It is clear that the mainstream news has lost its mores. It is clear that the public has little to no trust in the voting process. And now, it is clear that we cannot even trust staffers and the courts themselves.

Imagine the concussion wave sent throughout the Justices alone, let alone any who work amongst them. But then, imagine waking to find that those who purportedly uphold the Constitution are not only celebrating this breach of security—but actively seeking to take advantage of it. Then, imagine seeing a White House briefing from the sitting president, not sounding the alarm at the fundamental breach of the democratic process, but reminding American citizens of the chief value to be upheld: abortion. For all the talk of collusion with Russia, it seems as if these things truly only matter when the hand you’re dealt isn’t all that favorable.

It is interesting, to say the least, to see the double-speak, the inuendo, and the full-fledged hypocrisy of those who are terrified at the prospect of losing the ability to wield the power of death against the least of these. In a word, what we’re seeing is simply demonic—but it’s been demonism on display for nearly 50 years. I would be lying if I said I didn’t believe things will grow even more demonic in the very near future if things continue on their current trajectory, but I’m happy to say I’m here for that. Let the powers and principalities stir the people into a frenzy. Let those who hate life wail as God sits in the heavens and laughs.

I can’t help but think of the supreme irony of the Lord in all of these things though. California seeks to write legislation on allowing cases of fetal abandonment to no longer be subject to penalty and extend the days one can procure an abortion, Elon Musk buys up Twitter in a pivotal moment, Tim Keller makes a painfully bad thread on the virtues of tolerating those Christians who might find it a moral imperative to vote blue, and the who’s who of Big Eva stay painfully silent at the news of the SCOTUS leak. It will prove interesting how many think pieces are penned in the coming days to warn Christians about the dangers of gloating and how it harms our cultural witness.

This is a time to be watching many of the men and women who have consistently made it their “bread and butter” to critique the Right. There are, of course, plenty of things to critique the Right on—but this should be cause for rejoicing for every genuine Christian, especially if it proves to turn out as the draft decision has been rendered. I, for one, am exceedingly interested in who clearly outs themselves at this cultural moment.

But I am probably more interested in how the church rises to the occasion during this time. If anything, we’ve seen just how many watchmen have been asleep on duty over the past several years. Yet more than this, we’ve seen many Absaloms with their luscious locks parading around Israel, gathering a crew of men and women who will help them usurp the throne. We’ve seen just as many crying out for a king like Saul, but not the tall, handsome, and brooding Saul who at least gave the appearance of a man of valor, but a deposed, de-Spirited, spear-chucking, spiritist-seeking Saul.

All in all, we live in the time of the book of Judges, but like the modern Evangelical church that is always ten years too late to the party on everything, we’re left to wonder just how many see this as a time for battle. How many will gird up their loins in a time where every man does what is right in his own eyes?

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