Beauty and the Beast’s Gay LeFou Shouldn’t Shock Anyone

It shouldn’t really come as much of a surprise to anyone that the upcoming Beauty and the Beast revamp includes a gay rendition of the character LeFou. Disney has long been ahead of the curve when it comes to things like offering benefits to gay partners, despite the backlash they received from many. While others spent hours upon hours disseminating a subplot within the movie Frozen that proposed Elsa as Disney’s first gay character (or Kristoff as Disney’s first gay… Read more

Bryan Adams Surprised To Learn of His Lifetime Achievement Dove Award

NASHVILLE, TN – Earlier this week, The Dove Awards committee announced that they will be presenting secular singer/songwriter Bryan Adams with a Lifetime Achievement Dove Award. Bryan Adams is best known for his string of 80’s and 90’s hits that include “The Summer of ’69” and “(Everything I do) I Do It For You”. Read more

BREAKING: Calvinist Makes It Full 19 Hours Without Starting A Debate

Jon snapped the 19 hour debate drought after running into an acquaintance in public restroom. It was awkward. Read more

You Carried Me – a Review of an Abortion Survivor Memoir

If we are brutally honest, most Westerners seek to avoid thinking about anything related to death, even though we know our trajectory leads to the grave. Our funerals are set up in a manner where this even rings true, as the mortician does their best to make the recently deceased look as if they are still alive. We even couch our terms similarly, softening the blow that mortality brings to the living by referring to the dead as those who… Read more

Even with Swole Arms, Steven Furtick Still Unable to Lift Truth from Bible

Elevation Church, North Carolina – In his rather candid and enigmatic style, Steven Furtick plainly told interviewers yesterday that despite his grueling gym routine, he is still having an immense amount of difficulty lifting truth out of the Bible. “I’ve been hitting the gym three times a day for the past few years – and I’ve really amped up my core exercises, but no matter how many of them heavy weights I’m lifting, I still can’t get a good grip… Read more

A High Regard for Scripture is Not Bibliolatry

There generally seems to be confusion when I have made the claim that some readers are denying the authority of the scriptures when they disagree on matters of orthodoxy (i.e. Trinitarian teaching, homosexuality, women pastors, and even pastoral blunders). Most will come back with a pithy reply that I am guilty of reductionism or even more simply, that I have a high level of arrogance in the confidence placed in my interpretive abilities. Others will make the charge that I… Read more

Harmony in Cacophony: How to Select Biblical Songs for Corporate Worship

What then are the criteria for selecting songs to include in Sunday worship? Good criteria can dramatically reduce the number of songs to select from and help place the one selecting them on a firm foundation as he prepares to lead God’s people in singing His praises. Read more

Man Finally Finds Perfect Use For His Copy of “The Shack”

JACKSON, MI – A local man is thrilled that he has finally found use for his copy of the book, The Shack. He was given the book from a person who will “forever remain nameless” last year and has been scrambling for uses ever since. It is now stabilizing a, previously un-level, workbench in his shop. Read more

False Start: Christian Faith on the Altar of Football

Let’s put it this way. If football is a religion, it’s got a LOT of committed disciples. Read more

After Canceling on Christmas, Megachurch to Demonstrate Faithfulness by Streaming Super Bowl During Worship

“We are a church dedicated to corporate worship and to prove it, we’re combining the two – worship and football! What could be more American? Read more