Evangelicalism has seen no shortage of men who have disqualified themselves from the office of elder/pastor. The niche market for building Christian brands and ministerial platforms often proves disastrous to the souls of the leaders behind them, yet sadly, even more disastrous for those whom they leave in their wake. The communities under their headship are far more than wounded – they are those whom were battered by the very same ones called to shepherd them and protect them. Some… Read more

We are nearing the end of 2017, as well as our first full year on The Patheos Evangelical Channel! What a year! It has been an honor and joy to blog in this space and we are thrilled about what the future holds. We hope our blog has encouraged you, made you laugh, and stirred healthy discussion about the gospel of Jesus and how it applies in your life. What follows are what our readers indicated were the top 5 blog… Read more

Dr. R.C. Sproul has been ushered into the presence of His maker. His joy is sweeter than ever before – his heart fuller than words can express – his pain and struggle against the flesh is no more. It is incredibly bittersweet, for while we know he wholly is without sorrow, we who remain grieve, none more so than his close family and friends. It is right and proper to grieve. Death is the great enemy we yet await to… Read more

My husband and I are counting down the days ’til the eighth Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi, releases. He’s the kind of fan who already knows the first two words of the upcoming film (“We’re not . . .”) and who designed our baby announcement around Star Wars (“There’s been a disturbance in the force . . . have you felt it?”) Naturally, after we married, my husband and I had a Star Wars marathon to introduce me to… Read more

7) Avoid Spending Time with Your Family One of the easiest ways to get bummed out in the holiday is to spend it with your family. It seems no matter how hard we try, a family squabble always breaks out during the holiday season. Family Drama? NO, THANK YOU! We suggest spending Christmas on your own, with your bae, or with your dog you pretend is a human child. Read more

Modern man has forgotten the offense of his own sins in favor of highlighting another’s. Read more

Early on in the film Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri there is a brief shot of a character reading a book. The book, acting like a literary product placement, is Flannery O’Connor’s “A Good Man Is Hard To Find.” O’Connor was a Southern Catholic writer who was known for stories with shocking acts of violence followed by moments of real grace. It was part of O’Connor’s philosophy that to fully understand grace, we must see and feel human depravity. Read more

The prosperity “gospel” fundamentally misunderstands the Bible. Read more

The cross of Christ is a critical distinguishing factor of Christianity. Deny the reality of the event or the historical existence of the person, and you end up something very anti-Christian. In the most beautiful demonstration of love the world has ever seen, God became man to suffer in place of His people. I have heard it said that justice and love kissed on the cross. Justice demands punishment for sin and love offers a perfect substitute. Read more

In the small, Mid-west town known by the name of Bomont, a panel of fundamentalist Baptist preachers recently released a study confirming a well-known, but never empirically proven fact: dancing is of the devil. As any serious student of the Scriptures knows, dancing of any form is anathema, leading partakers to swiftly endure the full fury of the Almighty. Yet surprisingly, the panel stumbled upon the root cause of dancing – something which has alluded Baptists since the dawn of… Read more

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