In the wake of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, undoubtedly, much ink has been spilled contemplating the spirited boldness and theological acumen of the Reformers. In the midst of this though, many Catholics and Protestants alike are expressing something of great concern: lament over the divide the Reformation caused. This is disconcerting simply by virtue of the lament being over the division itself rather than the gospel. Strikingly, it seems the majority of Roman Catholics and Protestants have either neglected… Read more

She is equally as human as you and I; I love her and miss her. Read more

Contrary to popular belief, love does not mean acceptance of who you are. Read more

If you told me in 2002 that 15 years later, Donald Trump would be our President, Kid Rock would be running for Senate, and Eminem would become a celebrity spokesperson for human rights, I would have laughed you out of the room. Read more

Who is it that you say Christ is? Far too often this question is relegated to the unbeliever, whether the atheist, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Agnostic, or whomever. Read more

The new film Marshall, in theaters this weekend, shows us that justice is possible, but at times it takes twice the effort and danger that it should. Read more

As an unabashed Protestant, I have no qualms expressing the belief that the Reformation ought to be celebrated. Read more

Is Sola Scriptura nothing more than a “blueprint for anarchy” and division? Read more

In two films this year, Mother! (just released in theaters) and Beatriz at Dinner (newly released on DVD), the question of environmental care is front and center in the larger meaning of each film. They are very different films, but both come to grim conclusions about the future of our world. Read more

We get caught up in the ancillary matters, like whether or not someone should say the Pledge of Allegiance – or if we should stand for the National Anthem. Within our own house there are plenty of matters needing our attention. Read more

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