The Scriptures know nothing of the notion that we ought not to use strong language in condemning false teachers and false doctrine. Read more

If Calvinist teaches us anything, it’s that God remains sovereign over salvation and the future of His church. The doctrine of salvation by faith alone does not depend on talented teachers and preachers to make it desirable; it stands on its own and directs our attention towards the glory of God. Read more

Oklahoma City, OK – Non-denominational megachurch Life Explosion Ministries, has announced plans to make baptisms more accessible than ever before. Starting in 2 weeks the church will offer an app for electronicbaptisms called The eBaptism eMersion Experience. Read more

LOUISVILLE, KY – The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary SWAT team seized and recovered one of their seminary degrees in a raid on Pastor Steven Furtick’s mansion. The mission, titled “Operation Elevate”, was purportedly sanctioned by SBTS President Dr. Albert Mohler, as an attempt to maintain reformed doctrinal and worldview standards among the seminary’s alumni. Read more

We modern readers make ourselves the central character of the Scriptures, which then results in an understanding which dictates the central story-line is about us. Read more

Conservative sexual ethics will undoubtedly continue to be the focus of heated debate in the culture they are part of. Read more

We find incredibly strong language regarding one’s freedom in Christ, in that this freedom is to be done under the auspices of service to the weaker brother. Inherent to this discussion is not the idea that one ought not celebrate such freedoms in Christ, but rather, if winning a brother require we forego such celebration until we drink of the new wine with Christ – so be it. Put this in the context of the whole letter, and one finds… Read more

When culture changes doctrine, it always comes with consequences. Read more

One of the more pernicious secular doctrines pushed upon the cultural proselytes is the notion of finding personal identity within the realm of sexuality. Read more

There is no compelling reason to believe that Paul leaves any room for other good works – not works done in obedience to the Mosaic Law – as the instrument of justification, alongside of faith. Read more

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