Former Comedian Kathy Griffin and Consequences

Former Comedian Kathy Griffin and Consequences June 2, 2017

On Friday, comedian Kathy Griffin tearfully apologized in a press conference for her posing in a photo with a bloodied and severed head of U.S. President Donald Trump, commenting that her career was over and Trump “broke” her. She goes on complaining about the numerous sponsorships and jobs she lost due to the photo, stating, “I don’t think I will have a career after this.”

Don’t fret, Kathy. You will still be able to find work. There will always be plenty of TV crime dramas in need of someone who can play the victim as well as you can.

I hope even Trump-haters recognize the stupidity of both of her stunts. The depiction of any person with a severed and bloody head is deplorable and twisted. Then, pointing the finger at your target when you get backlash. What did you expect?!

There are some countries in the world (i.e. North Korea) where you might be executed for such an antic. Donald Trump is 100% right when he called her deed “sick” and is completely justified to have you investigated. So, lawyer up.

Was her photo a political statement? Was it a publicity stunt? Was it a sick joke? Who knows (maybe not even Kathy)? But publicly making light of a method of execution presently used by terrorists is about the dumbest thing you can do. Kathy’s career ended when she posted that photo and not a moment later.

The real reason Kathy is crying is because she was caught red-handed (pun-intended) going too far, and now she must deal with real tangible consequences. No one likes penalties for their bad choices. This goes all the way back to The Garden of Eden when the first response to anyone being caught in sin was to point the finger. This is often called blame shifting. The scriptures read, “Then the Lord God said to the woman, ‘What is this that you have done?’ The woman said, ‘The serpent deceived me, and I ate.’” (Gen 1:13).

Kathy is learning something most of us learn long before we become adults: our actions have results and sometimes they are not good. If you start a fire, it burns. if you stub your toe, it hurts. If you hold up a severed head of a president, most organizations won’t want anything to do with you.

Now at age 56 Kathy Griffin can begin learning this lesson and take ownership of her poor judgement. Playing the victim in a crime you committed will not win you any favors or Oscars. I pray the despair of her situation will bring her to repentance. Often it is when we are at our weakest when we find what we truly need.

Perhaps one day, Kathy will be able to look back and see all of this as gift and something that God used to demonstrate her deep need for grace. Her actions have been disgusting and self-centered, but who reading this has not also made terrible decisions? It may take the world turning their back on her before finds Christ offering forgiveness and healing. This would be a wonderful denouement for what today seems like a comic tragedy.

Lastly, for a stroke of irony, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the character Kathy Griffin played on one of my favorite shows of all time, Seinfeld. She portrayed Sally Weaver, an aspiring actress, who makes her mark when she starts publicly shaming and mocking Jerry Seinfeld. Sally’s presence on the show ended with her making some brash decisions, because she thought something was funny (when it wasn’t). This is followed by a doll being beheaded.

Weird, right?

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