Podcast #11: Does the Emporer of the "The Kingdom" Have No Clothes?

Podcast #11: Does the Emporer of the "The Kingdom" Have No Clothes? November 9, 2007

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Remember back in the day, when Rich and David used to disagree on things? Man, those were the days. Fortunately, those days are back, and now Rich and David are convinced that the other is completely wrong! It makes for spirited conversation, and an interesting show!

This time around, David and I saw a movie called the Kingdom. How was it? It was fun and meaningful! Or it was boring and overly pretentious! Or it depends on who you ask!

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  • David Dunham

    I don’t know why I listened to this today, but it made me laugh to remember how much you loved this movie

  • Wait, I loved this movie? Weird.

  • h, it’s so sad that you didn’t port over the comments from the old site. All these podcasts are so lonely. I may have to listen to them again just so I can offer proper harassment.