CaPC Magazine Issue #9 is Now Available: Community and Education

CaPC Magazine Issue #9 is Now Available: Community and Education August 8, 2013

Image: Seth Hahne

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An excerpt from this issue’s Letter from the Editor: 

Education is an important issue to see this individual/community tension at work, because how the church’s children grow and learn will help to determine their future and whether or not they are a blessing or a burden to their community.

I’m excited to publish two exclusive features in Issue 9 of #CaPCMag, both of which take on the difficult task of thinking about our ethical responsibility to community in education.

In This Issue

Two Exclusive Features: 
“Understanding the Role of the Church Community in Education” by Julie Ooms: What responsibility does the Church have in the education of our children?

“How the Church Resegregated Schools in Jackson, TN” by Tyler Glodjo: While white churches call for racial reconciliation, many segregate their children from their black peers in school.


“Church Softball is the Ultimate Jesus Juke” by Brad Williams

“The Japanese Church: Healing A Wounded Nation” by Jason Morehead

“When It Comes to Mainstream Media, Hate the Sin, Not the Sinner” by Kara Bettis

“An Uneasy Education” by Erin Newcomb

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