There is No Spoonful of Sugar to Help the Medicine Go Down

There is No Spoonful of Sugar to Help the Medicine Go Down September 8, 2014

Israel had its Jeremiah, America has Frank Schaeffer. Just as the elite in Judea did not want to hear the prophet Jeremiah and his announcement that God rejected sacrificial systems and economies of exchange, and that if Israel did not turn she would be sent into exile, so also American Christians may not want to hear the truth behind the reality of the coming human created apocalypse that seems to be heading our way. At some point we have got to pull our heads out of the sands and recognize that we are all in this boat together and it is only together that we can stop this madness. The Janus-faced god, the one who allegedly loves humanity, but will also torture souls in fire forever is finally being toppled. Thanks to the real God, the God of Life and Love and Mercy displayed openly and fully in the true human Jesus of Nazareth. Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat or neither, this analysis of Frank’s is a necessary read, if painful. But if we are going to read Jeremiah chapter 7, we also ought to read this.


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