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Christian Piatt

Five Things Christianity Can Learn from Buddhism

Could Christianity’s future lie in Buddhism’s past? 


Jesus Is/Isn't the Only Way

“I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” True, or false? Or both?

Let the Earth Keep Silence

What to Do When Your Prayer Doesn't Get 'In the Zone'

In a world of distractions, it’s no surprise that for many of us, silent prayer is much more about seeking inner peace than actually finding it. 

Seasons of the Soul

Pilgrimage of Resurrection: The Holy Call of Doubt

Sometimes resurrection feels very far away and we cry out for some sort of proof that life is fundamentally good and that beauty sustains all things. This is why I love the story of Thomas.

Faithful Citizenship

What Good is Religion, Anyway? Why I Am Spiritual -- and -- Religious

I know why "spiritual but not religious" might seem to some people like a very good idea. But I also know this: religion saved me when spirituality could not.


Why Christianity is Immoral (and Why That's Good)

As a Christian theologian and pastor, I have passionate feelings about my religion. But you may be surprised why I feel so passionately about Christianity. Christianity is incredibly important because it makes us immoral. And that is a very good thing.

Surprising Faith

The “Hidden Christians” of Japan

Random Christian fact of the day: the Kakure Kirishitan were secret Christians in Japan during the 1500s.

Unsystematic Theology

LGBT, Forgiveness, and the Church: A Real-Life Redemption Story

How much better might we all be toward each other, if we could all latch on to the pull of redemption and to the power of forgiveness?


Sanctuaries, Bodies, and Journeys: The Lectionary for the Third Sunday of Easter

Acts 3:12-19 What It’s About: Peter giving a speech about the resurrection. What It’s Really About: The speeches in Acts are set-pieces. They are chances for the author to do long exposition on the meaning of ideas and events. Think of the famous “walk and talk” from shows like The West Wing; these speeches are opportunities for [Read More...]


Your LGBTQ Child Is Amazing!

More today from my Saturday “Jesus Blog” – a word from Jesus to you… Dear Moms and Dads, Your child is gay. I love that. I love them. Do not be afraid; it’s going to be alright. In fact, it will be amazing! Your world feels shaky but I encourage you to relax. It’s not [Read More...]

Emerging Voices

What is a “Coming of God?” Part 1

There is much confusion in Christianity today surrounding the milieu of biblical eschatology. Specifically, there is widespread misunderstanding about the nature and timing of Jesus’ coming, arrival or presence (parousia in Greek). In popular preaching and imagination, it’s often called his “second coming” or “return.” Many life-long Jesus-followers are surprised to learn that these are not terms found in [Read More...]

Progressive Christian Video Gallery

Universal Pictures and Legendary Pictures Present "Unbroken"

Frank Schaeffer and Brian McLaren: Conversations about Change

John and Catherine Shore: NALT Christians

Brian McLaren on Christian Identity in a Multi-Faith World

Video Courtesy: Jericho Books

Marcus Borg, Brian McLaren, Diana Butler Bass and Others on Progressive Christianity

Video Courtesy: Living the Questions

Beyond the Either/Or God with the Rev. Yvette Flunder

Stanley Hauerwas on Prayer

Video Courtesy: Living the Questions