The Progressive Church is America’s Last Hope (or A post on How to Really Irritate the Evangelical Trolls)

As though the Right does not have its playbooks. Of course it does. The entire Religious Right has its home schooling, hate worldly culture, live righteous and holy lives and dominate everyone else handbooks and social programming, as does every single Evangelical and Fundamentalist church out … [Read more...]

A Post to Irritate the Evangelical Trolls

I truly, truly apologize for the length of today’s post but inasmuch as it is THE key question plaguing contemporary Christianity, it cannot have a short, sweet and simple answer but deserves to be considered fully. Once on my Facebook Page a poster commented to another poster, “I see th … [Read more...]

The Desacralization of Christianity

One of the things that I stressed in my book The Jesus Driven Life was that Jesus deconstructed the three pillars of second Temple Judaism: Land, Temple and Torah. Jesus did not share in the views of his contemporaries that certain tracts of land were ‘holy’ (see John 4), nor were certain religious e … [Read more...]

Trying an Experiment in Virtual Community

I began blogging on Patheos sometime in September of 2015. I had been successful at that time in drawing an audience on Facebook to whom I was writing lengthy theological posts. I particularly emphasized the sacrificial hermeneutic of Christianity and the alternative of a nonviolent peacemaking … [Read more...]

Exciting New Changes

Just an announcement that exciting new changes are coming to this page beginning February 1st!!! Stay tuned. … [Read more...]

I Don’t Feel Sorry for the Christian Right

Here's how it works peeps. The oppressor (in this case Conservative Christianity) for the past three and a half decades here in America have been hounding and persecuting and in some cases encouraging the death and violation of marginalized peoples. Three and one-half decades since the Moral … [Read more...]

The Real Issue Behind the SCOTUS Decision and Conservative Christianity

The reason that Many American Christians and Christian leaders, pastors and teachers are angry at the SCOTUS decision has NOTHING to do with homosexuality and EVERYTHING with their view of the Bible coming under criticism, withering criticism. Every single post or thread I have encountered or read, … [Read more...]

Assessing the Duggar Situation and Our Own Schadenfreude

 This is simply the most articulate, balanced, rational piece I have read on the Duggar's by a lawyer who was raised in the Bill Gothard system.  It exposes the sexuality problem and crisis in Evangelicalism and Fundamentalism. It is an education!   … [Read more...]

When the Mind Goes Blank, Start Typing

As I start this post I have no agenda, nothing specific to write about so I am as curious as you to see where my mind is at this morning. I wonder why I find the Modern Devotion [in Holland] (1380-early 16th century) so interesting. I remember sometime in the mid 1980’s I discovered t … [Read more...]

Creation, Atonement and Love

Facebook friend Benjamin Benjamin Hall asked me a good question (and he phrased it beautifully and kindly). He is seeking to understand what I meant when I said in yesterday’s post that the creation as we know it was a mistake on God’s part.When I was writing that yesterday, I was as surprised as … [Read more...]