I love the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. My parents were both converts of only a few years when I was born. So while I grew up in the Church, I am a product of the convert’s zeal.

For many the gospel is a bedrock tradition. But for me, it sizzled with life. I didn’t “know the Church was true.” I saw the Church was true. I saw the strength, relief, and exultation the Gospel of Jesus Christ brought to my parents.

As you would expect, my experiences have largely defined my perspective. And because I love the Church, I instinctually view it in a positive light. So while others struggle to understand the reason the Church took this or that action, I often come to peace with it quickly.

That’s why I’m writing this blog.

Many people want to make sense of why the Church does what it does, or they want to understand how they can maintain their faith in light of this or that piece of history. They recognize the blessings of Christ’s restored Church, but they don’t know how to come to peace with the Church.

Fingers crossed, I can fill that need.

Doctrine and Covenants 46 says some are given the spiritual gift to “know.” Not me. While I have a believer’s heart, I have a skeptics mind. But others are given the gift to “believe.” I believe. I really do. And if I write this blog well, I hope to help others who want to believe as well.

I love Western Family generic brand lip balm, my wife, my two sons, and finding the middle ground on most controversies. I have broken stories published in more than a hundred national and international outlets and read more than seventeen million times. I live in San Antonio, Texas, and am a longtime supporter of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.