Christ Path Seminar

You are invited to join the Rev. Dr. Matthew Fox and Andrew Harvey in a series of unique initiatory weekends that will change your life…and give you tools to change the world.

Are you a spiritual seeker, longing for a richer, deeper, fuller mystical experience that contributes concretely to saving the planet…a world-changing practice of sacred activism?

Are you a churchgoing mystic, bored and/or disturbed by the narrowness of church doctrine and longing for a  living experience of the real Jesus through authentic Christian mystical teaching and practice?

Are you a “recovering Christian,” having left the churches but still longing for a deep, direct connection with Jesus and the gospel message?

Are you a spiritual activist, outraged by religious and social corruption and environmental devastation, and longing for a culture that values contemplation, justice, and planetary survival?

If so, we invite you to join us for one or more of these unique weekend initiations over the next three years…


Our accelerating world crisis demands a revolutionary vision of the Cosmic Christ and a radical, relevant Christianity.

The Christ Path Seminar responds to this crisis with practical answers: tools to cultivate critical dialogue and creative initiatives for personal and social transformation.

The Jesus Seminar movement revolutionized our understanding of the historical Jesus. The Christ Path seminar will help us to ignite the other needed revolution in Christianity by reinventing our understanding and practice of the Cosmic Christ…

…a consciousness that fuses masculine and feminine, action and contemplation, science and spirituality, mystical truth and radical action.


Experience a new form of workshop…

The twelve Christ Path workshops, individually and/or as a series, offer a radical reinterpretation and reinvention of Christianity for the 21st century. In each weekend, we will follow a new model of workshop as initiation as we move beyond inspiration and transmission to include an ongoing, creative process of dialogue and transformation. Through embodied sacred practices and oral transmission, each seminar will address a crucial theological, mystical, social or political topic.

Together we will explore questions such as:


Who are the Leaders and Speakers?

A (r)evolutionary spiritual program such as this requires leading-edge thinkers at its core…and together, the Rev. Dr. Matthew Fox and Andrew Harvey represent the forefront of spiritual activism in this generation.

Visionary theologian Matthew Fox – author, educator, activist, and spiritual pioneer – has spent the past 40 years doing the culture-changing work to lay the foundation for the values of a new generation. As today’s leading voice of the ancient mystical Christian tradition of creation spirituality, he has helped to midwife the birth of a  movement that celebrates embodied spiritual practice, oneness with creation, personal awareness, educational empowerment, and social, environmental, and gender justice.

As Founding Director of the Institute of Sacred Activism, Andrew Harvey has spent nearly a decade supporting global peace and sustainability. A lifelong scholar/translator of Rumi and Sufi mysticism, transformational spiritual director and co-founder of the Sufi Conferences, Harvey has devoted his recent work toenvisioning inspired solutions for the world’s current crisis.

The series features a stellar lineup of guest speakers including theologian Bruce Chilton, contemplative activist Adam Bucko, author/educator Brian Swimme, economic prophet David Korten, healer and spiritual author Carolyn Myss, and more.


Participate Anywhere, Anytime…Affordably

We believe that this program is critical to shaping the future of humanity in the coming years…and so we are making it as accessible as we possibly can, both locally, on-site, and globally, online.

You can…

  • attend the workshop(s) in person or by live-streamed internet..
  • participate by live chat while the workshops are happening…
  • view the recorded version as many times as you like for the month after each workshop…
  • purchase the recordings on CD/DVD…
  • plan to attend them all for academic credit.

With each weekend worth roughly $400 tuition, we are offering them in the spirit of Gift Economy, trusting Spirit to guide your monetary giving over a minimal $50 registration fee.


Whatever your preference, budget, and/or schedule dictate – please come.

These chaotic and painful days of planetary dis-integration and upheaval  are not the time to play small….to numb out….to isolate in grief, fear or inadequacy.

The world needs each of us, in our complete, unique is-ness, reaching our fullest potential and fulfilling our role as faces of the Cosmic Awareness.

“Each of us is put here in this time and this place
to personally decide the future of humankind.
Did you think you were put here for something less?”

~Chief Arvol Looking Horse