HBD: A Special Sunday Letter to West Franklin

HBD: A Special Sunday Letter to West Franklin September 5, 2021
West Franklin Family,
If you are new to West Franklin, or regularly attend the 10:30 service you may not know him. But if you continue participating, you will soon enough.
On Sunday morning’s at 9 am, he sits to the left of the stage (from where I stand) three or four rows from the front.
He’s usually sitting with four or five ladies, one of which he is pretty sweet on. (And from what I hear, she’s pretty sweet on him.)
During each service you can count on him for about a half dozen “Amen’s.”
If there’s a Bible Study he can attend during the week, he’s there. There’s a rumor going around he’s even tried to sneak into a few ladies Bible Studies.
This man is a regular on Tuesday morning’s, helping the less fortunate on Natchez Street get groceries.
Most Monday night’s he helps feed a group of men on the same street.
If you can’t find him at home, he’s usually ministering at the Oak Cottage House, sharing the Gospel while exercising at the Y, or checking on folks to make sure they are okay.
If you’re one of the lucky ones, you regularly get early morning text messages from him including Scripture verses or links to Gospel songs exalting Jesus.
If you know this man, you go to him constantly for encouragement. It oozes out of him.
If you know this man, you know after talking with him you will walk away more relaxed and a smile on your face.
If you know this man, you’ll know that were the world full of men like him – we would all be a lot better off.
This man is a pastor’s dream church member.
This man is the kind of man that ensures a church’s health and unity.
This man makes other men want to know, love, and follow Jesus.
This man is a walking clinic on how to respect ladies and honor other men.
Perhaps the Lord will let me cut his grass surrounding the mansion he will be living in in heaven.
This man has been born twice. Once spiritually when he surrendered to Jesus. Physically, he came into the world on this day – 92 years ago.
If you see Bob Humphrey today, wish him a Happy Birthday.
Bob, know you are deeply loved.
I’ll see you in a few minutes,
Pastor Matt

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