Just Do It: A Letter to West Franklin

Just Do It: A Letter to West Franklin September 4, 2021

West Franklin Family,

Last Friday I receive a text from one of you. The text read: “Hey Matt – HAPPY FRIDAY!! Random question for you. . . We are thinking about taking the kids and the grill to Waverly and doing burgers and hotdogs for whoever. Do you happen to have any contacts we can reach out to, to see where we can go?” I immediately emailed several people I thought might help, copying this person on the message. Within a couple of hours, they had spoken with people on the ground in Waverly and knew where to set up first thing Saturday morning.  Nearly 300 hamburgers and hot dogs later, they were on their way back home Saturday night and in the sanctuary ready to worship Sunday morning. The stories of the devastation they encountered and their ministry to the people in Waverly was both sad and heartwarming. Ministry, on the ground, to our neighbors is what Christians do. It’s who we are.
Needless to say, there are a lot of things I love about this. Various facets of this story make me smile. But here is why I am writing about this to you: they just did it. They saw a need. They knew the need wasn’t too far away. They knew what they could do. And they did it. They didn’t wait for the church to organize something. They didn’t ask me for money from the missions fund. They didn’t text me and ask me why WE aren’t doing anything in Waverly. They didn’t shame anyone for not going. They didn’t try to drum up a big group of people and get them on board with their “great” idea. Nope. They saw a need. They had a heart for the people. They had a grill. They bought some buns and meat. They cooked until they ran out. They loved on people. They drove home.
West Franklin, Just Do It.
You don’t have to wait. If there is a need/ministry opportunity you are passionate about, pursue it. If God is breaking your heart about something going on around you, lean into that. You may not be able to fix everything, but I imagine there is something you can do. Something you are good at. Something you are passionate about. This family didn’t “fix” Waverly, TN. But they fed many people a meal they wouldn’t have had otherwise.
Are we going to pursue ministries as a church? Of course.
Are we going to take mission journeys throughout the year? Yes.
Are there people around us we are going to help and minister to as a church? Always.
Do we have money for missions and mission projects? You bet.
Are there times when “more is better”? Sure.
But we will never do everything. I dare say that many ministries many of you have a heart for will not be something the entire church can pursue. But it doesn’t mean you can’t. There are many things we, as a church, can chase after. But there are TONS we can’t. If God has put something on your heart and a desire to do something about it – just do it. Go for it. What have you got to lose?
Ask yourself: “What is breaking my heart in the world right now and what am I doing about it?”
Now – Just Do It.
I will see you in the morning with my Bible open to Matthew 11:28-30.
Because Jesus Did It For Us,
Pastor Matt

P.S. Be on the lookout for a special Sunday letter to West Franklin in the morning.

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