Holy Week: A Letter to West Franklin

Holy Week: A Letter to West Franklin April 9, 2022
West Franklin Family,
Tomorrow morning we will gather on the first day of Holy Week. The week named for the final days leading to Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection. The week that included real events that changed the course of history. Events that changed the eternal fate of every believing human. Events that still change our lives on a continuous basis to this day. Holy. Beautiful. Excruciating. Dark. Light. Night. Day. Pain. Exhilaration. Holy Week. I strongly encourage you to spend some significant time this week meditating on what happened 2,000 years ago. Ponder. Consider. Pray. Worship. Cry. Laugh. Wonder. Remember. Repent. Rejoice. Below are several links to assist. Sites to shed light. Music to enjoy. Scriptures to guide and help you enter into. Opportunities for you to participate.
Holy Week Links:
Go here to read more in depth descriptions of the meaning of Holy Week and of each day of the week.
Click here for a Holy Week Guide for Families.
For a deep dive into the events surrounding Holy Week, read this.
Go here for Christianity Today’s song playlist for Holy Week.
Or, just go here and here and play these albums over and over. You can thank me later.
Here and here contain a litany of links for Holy Week.
Holy Week Days and Accompanying Scriptures:
Palm Sunday: Mark 11:1-11 (Additional scripture readings: Matthew 21:1-11; Luke 19:29-44; John 12:12-19)
Holy Monday: Luke 19:41-46 (Additional scripture readings: Matthew 21:12-19; Mark 11:12-18)
Holy Tuesday: Mark 12:28-31 (Additional scripture readings: Matthew 21:20-23:39 & Matthew 24-25; Mark 11:20 – 12:44 & Mark 13:1-37; Luke 20:1 – 21:36)
Holy (Silent/Spy) Wednesday: Psalm 46 (Additional scripture readings: Luke 21:37-38; Matthew 26:3-5; Mark 14:1-2; Luke 22:1-2
Maundy Thursday: John 13:31-35 (Additional scripture readings: Matthew 26:17-30; Mark 14:12-26; Luke 22:7-39; John 13)
Good Friday: Mark 15:25-39 (Additional scripture readings: Matthew 26:47-27:61 ; Mark 14:43-15:47 ; Luke 22:47-23:56 ; John 18:2-19:42)
Holy Saturday: Mark 15:42-47 (Additional scripture readings: Matthew:27:62-66)
Resurrection Sunday: John 20:1-23 (Additional scripture readings: Matthew 28; Mark 16; Luke 24)
BBC Campuses Holy Week Events/Ministries:
I hope to see several you out and about today for Engage Middle Tennessee Day. And tomorrow, Palm Sunday, I am eager to worship with you with my Bible open to John 18:33-40.
Because Jesus Paid it All,
Pastor Matt

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