Kosmic Laws – Ground Rules of the Kosmic Game – Part 1

Kosmic Laws – Ground Rules of the Kosmic Game – Part 1 June 6, 2018

This essay is the first of a two part series on Kosmic Laws.

I remember one very interesting seminar we did during my seminary training. Since we were being readied for missionary work in ‘foreign’ countries with ‘foreign’ cultures speaking ‘foreign’ languages, it was important to have some kind of a ‘game plan’ so as to not offend local custom and to get a head start on learning, aligning with and loving the cultures and languages into which we would be ‘parachuted.’

For the first class, we were divided into two groups that met in separate rooms, and each ‘tribe’ was given a made-up language and taught a made-up culture. Once each member of the tribe was conversant with the language and culture, it then had to send an ambassador/missionary/anthropologist to the other tribe. The results were hilarious. The two languages and cultures were devised in such a way as to be radically opposite from ‘typical.’ No matter what the emissary tried – and each tribe got the opportunity to send several subsequent emissaries – it didn’t work. They either provoked laughter, derision, anger or even incarceration for trying things as innocuous as attempting a handshake, a smile or even just talking. It took a lot of time and a lot of jailed emissaries before we began to figure out the system.

Something similar pertains to being parachuted into incarnation. There are rules of engagement, and it may take many lifetimes to infer them. In the mean time we can be, at best, ineffective and insensitive, and, at worst, belligerent and domineering. Gratefully, human evolution can benefit from trial and error, from science, from philosophy, from religion, but, particularly, from spirituality in getting the game right.

An important part, then, of the science of spirituality, is figuring out some Kosmic laws. A brief note here – by Cosmos the Greeks meant the physical universe, while Kosmos meant its metaphysical origins and foundation. The following, I believe, are some of the most important Kosmic laws.



Whether or not you have ever studied Newton’s or Einstein’s ideas on gravity, or even if you don’t believe in gravity, if you fall off the roof of a ten-story building, you’re gonna die. And whether or not you saw the 30-mph sign when you drove into a new part of town, you’re gonna get busted by the cops if they find you doing 50 mph. It’s the same with Kosmic laws. Ignorance of them is neither an excuse nor a bypass. But here, I’d add two caveats. First, is to beware of promoting human precepts as divine decrees e.g., pre-Vatican II Catholics merited hell by intentionally eating meat on a Friday. Jesus inveighed against this kind of law when he said, “Man was not made for the Sabbath; the Sabbath was made for man; therefore, the son of man is lord even of the Sabbath.”

And the second caveat is in thinking that science has discovered or even can discover all of the laws that guide our existence or control our destiny.


  1. The law of love

Given that, in my opinion, the universe is a manifestation of a loving Source, then laws that create fear or that privilege our species, are ‘bad’ laws – they’re not accurate. God does not give with the hand of religion and take with the hand of science – or vice versa. The right and left ‘hands of God’ are directed by the same divine heart. The entire purpose of incarnation is to remember the Kosmic rules while we are still ‘away from home.’


  1. The law of unity

There is only one Source; nothing exists except God; all that is, is a manifestation of that One. Discrete, separate self-hood is an illusion of incarnation and to identify with it, is to bind the blindfold even tighter. Your true ID is your God-self; and the true ID of all whom you meet is that One; you acknowledge that with a namasté. I am THAT, you are THAT, all is THAT. Whatever you meet is a Word-of-God-made-flesh. That was Jesus’ teaching, not his claim to uniqueness. Therefore, all war is civil war, and all violence is an auto-immune disease.


  1. The law of manifestation

In the game of Lila, Source, in order to experience the paradox of separation-from-Self, fractured into souls, bite-sized pieces, fractals containing the All-in-miniature. The Buddha put it beautifully, “form is emptiness and emptiness is form.” Thich Nhat Hanh, a Vietnamese mystic, explicated one wing of that when he said that a flower consists completely of non-flower elements; remove the rain, the sun, the wind, insects, earth minerals – and there is no flower. Celtic spirituality explicated the other wing of it, in the realization that darkness – the fecund soil of the womb – is the conceiver, carrier and birther of light. For the Celts, light and darkness, form and emptiness, nature and culture, goddesses and gods are lovers who dance and mate, not enemies who war.


  1. The law of impermanence

Everything that is born will die. And it is importance to also realize that everything that dies will resurrect. Impermanence is not a curse on life, it is the blessing of variety, of shifting states of consciousness and forms of incarnation. It is the Dissipative Structures of Ilya Prigogine which bring increased complexity out of the apparent death of entropy. It is Shiva dismantling the old in order to recombine its elements into something even more exciting. It is the painful exit from mother’s womb into the light of another life-filled incarnation. It is Shakespeare rearranging the 26 symbols of the English alphabet into his Complete Works. It is the four nucleotides – A, G, C and T – recombining into all the forms that have ever flown, run, crawled, or swum on Gaia.

The permanence of impermanence is the guarantee of evolution – physiological, psychological and spiritual.


  1. The law of entanglement

Not only are all the particles of the cosmos ‘talking’ to each other but communities of particles also engage in mega-conversations. It is a Kosmic brain in which every single neuron is in dialog with every other one. Some of these ‘brain cells’ are on the other side of the veil. We may call them ‘our dearly departed’, ‘angels’, ‘avatars’ or ‘saints’ – it matters not. We are all the way God talks to Herself and guides Herself through incarnation.

Moreover, even ‘individual souls’ have two aspects – Atma, who never leaves the presence of God, and Jiva, who dips regularly into a spacesuit; which leads me to the next law.


  1. The law of inter-dimensional communication

All of the neurons are in dialog, but we are, perhaps, most aware of the Atma-Jiva conversation. They are like two birds sitting atop a very tall tree; Atma never leaves the perch but Jiva often swoops to the forest floor examining the underbrush, feeding on worms and singing to other multi-colored Jivas engaged in similar pursuits. Atma watches from afar. When Jiva returns, they compare perspectives in order to create a total picture.

They are very creative in their ‘communication’ technology. Here is a partial list of ‘devices’ they use: intuition, inspiration, déjà vu, synchronicities, moments of awe, memorable dreams, visions, meditation, time spent in nature, ‘psychic’ moments, brushes with death and significant illnesses.

In the next essay, we will examine the other five Kosmic Laws.



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