sean_square_cropFr. Seán ÓLaoire is co-founder and Spiritual Director of Companions on the Journey. Born in Ireland he was ordained a Catholic priest in 1972. He spent 14 years in East Africa, living and working among the Kalenjin people. Fr. Seán is the author of multiple books including Spirits in Spacesuits, Souls on Safari, A Sensible God, and Why?

He has a BSc degree in mathematics and a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology. Fr. Seán is a licensed Clinical Psychologist with a private practice in Los Altos, California.



Daniel Baer earned a master’s degree in theology from Saint Louis University and has taught religious studies courses in Catholic high schools for fourteen years. He lives in Albany, California with his wife Amy and three children.




karenPicture(1)Karen Azar Rubin earned an MFA degree in Art/Design from Stanford University. She is a painter, a sculptor and the mother of three young adults. Her other interests include poetry, music, gardening, and women’s stories.  She served as President of the Board of Companions on the Journey from 2010-2015, focusing on the building of community and the creation of liturgy.



BIll Miller - Patheos photoBill Miller is a graduate of Fuller Theological – Graduate School of Psychology, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, and serves as an analyst, researcher, and writer in the areas of social policy, economics, and consciousness studies for several San Francisco Bay Area NGOs.



Patheos - Margaret Park photoMargaret Park attended St. Mary’s College, Notre Dame and Latin American Institute in New York.  Mother of five, she was employed by the State Department at various American Embassies as well as managing  Commissaries abroad for 35 years.  Retired to Palo Alto, CA, her passions are reading, writing, piano, and Companions on the Journey.




Constance Vincent is the author of Karma in Action (an inspirational memoir) and Not Going Gently  (preventing Alzheimer’s); also she edited Dr. Tom Wu’s Different Approach in Natural Healing. Vincent earned a PhD. at UC Irvine and taught developmental psychology at Chapman and Santa Clara universities. She and her husband Ed live in Menlo Park, CA.



Laraine Moore is an ‘everyday mystic’ and web designer of Fr. Seán ÓLaoire’s website, She has been an active member of Companions on the Journey since 2012 and has worked as a marketing communications writer and advertising copywriter. Laraine received her degree in French Literature and Communications from New York University. In her spare time, she enjoys talking about her out-of-body, spiritual experiences and eating pizza.