Taxpayers Spend $1 million to Study 3-Year-Old “Non-Binary” Children

Taxpayers Spend $1 million to Study 3-Year-Old “Non-Binary” Children April 19, 2018

Today’s government waste comes courtesy of the National Science Foundation, which is giving researchers an additional one million taxpayer dollars to study transgender children as young as three.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Kristina Olson, a researcher at the University of Washington, received the 2018 Alan T. Waterman Award, the nation’s “highest honor for a young scientist or engineer,” for her work studying the gender identities of toddlers.

Olson’s TransYouth Project is not just interested in transgender children, but “intersex children,” “non-binary children,” “princess boys,” “pink boys,” and more.

“Olson is recognized for her innovative contributions to understanding children’s attitudes toward and identification with social groups, early prosocial behavior, the development of notions of fairness, morality, inequality and the emergence of social biases,” the National Science Foundation said in a statement announcing the award.

Olson is most well known for her gender studies, which has already received over $600,000 from the taxpayers. The Waterman award, which was announced last week, will give Olson an additional $1 million over five years.

One million dollars is a drop in the federal budget, but these kinds of wasteful, nonsensical projects add up.

Taxpayers work hard for their money, and they shouldn’t have to fund research with which many of them disagree.

That’s why millions of Americans have joined the Convention of States Project, the only grassroots-driven nonprofit dedicated to calling the first-ever Article V Convention of States.

A Convention of States can propose constitutional amendments that force the feds to be fiscally responsible. These can include a balanced budget amendment along with tax reform and spending caps.

If “scientists” want to study transgender three year olds, they shouldn’t get to use taxpayer dollars to do it.

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