Young Congressmen – Like All Americans – Frustrated Career Politicians Have All the Power

Young Congressmen – Like All Americans – Frustrated Career Politicians Have All the Power April 19, 2018

The American people aren’t the only ones frustrated with career politicians. Younger members of Congress have also found that a small, senior group of legislators make the majority of the decisions for the Republican party. This structure tends to kill new ideas before they ever see the light of day, ideas that could help move the GOP forward.

The Hill reports:

One lawmaker pointed to the GOP tax-cut bill debate.

Some of the millennial members stood up and pitched the idea of creating a calculator for social media to demonstrate how people would stand to benefit from the legislation, which was still being debated at the time

“We were asking for that for a while. Nothing was heeded. And now, you go to the IRS website, and what do they have? An IRS calculator,” the lawmaker said. “And we take a beating for three months over the ‘tax scam.’ If we had done this on the front end, it would have spread like wildfire.”

… there is frustration among rank-and-file members about how much power Republican leadership has in the decision-making process.

“We’ve been frustrated that the boomers will get together and make the decisions and then come to the millennials and say, ‘What’s your advice on how we can message this,’ ” Gaetz said. “That’s like salting the gumbo at the end instead of salting it when you’re cooking it.”

There’s only one way to effectively end the bad influence of career politicians: a constitutional term limits amendment.

Unfortunately, Congress isn’t likely to limit its own power any time soon. That’s why We the People need to call an Article V Convention of States. A Convention of States is controlled by the states and has the power to propose constitutional amendments.

These amendments can include a term limits amendment, along with others that limit the power of the feds and force them to be fiscally responsible.

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