On the 230th Anniversary of the Constitution’s Ratification, Let’s Get Serious about Protecting our Founding Principles

On the 230th Anniversary of the Constitution’s Ratification, Let’s Get Serious about Protecting our Founding Principles June 26, 2018

Last week marked the 230th anniversary of the Constitution’s ratification.

Technically speaking, our nation’s founding document is the world’s oldest written constitution still in use today. Practically speaking, however, that’s far from the truth.

Activist Supreme Court decisions have decimated the principles found in that document, and over the last 100 years have granted powers to the federal government that go far beyond what our Founders intended.

Rather than being limited to the powers expressly granted in the Constitution, furthermore, Congress legislates on virtually every area of American life. Presidents from both parties act like kings, handing down executive fiats from on high in D.C.

The Constitution was intended to limit the power of the national government, but time has allowed the power hungry to twist the Founders’ words.

Our founding document needs a recalibration with these activist Supreme Court decisions in mind. The language must be altered, not to alter the principles in the Constitution, but to protect them.

An Article V Convention of States can propose these constitutional amendments.

These amendments can clarify the Founders’ limited-government design, force Congress to be fiscally responsible, and even follow the lead of George Washington and limit the terms of office for federal officials.

In this the Constitution’s 231st year, the patriots who care about preserving our heritage rather than altering it must stand up, speak up, and show up to pass the Convention of States resolution in their state.

Twelve states have already decided to call for a convention to return our nation to its founding principles, and millions of American citizens have joined the movement.

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