A number of E-Courses have been written to assist those who wish to explore the messages of Conversations with God more deeply. These include…

Changing Change

Based on Neale’s Book, When Everything Changes, Change Everything, Changing Change is not just another online course. It is meant to be a conversation during which we will conduct an extraordinary investigation into how life works at the mental and spiritual level, out of which will emerge a surprising revelation about ways in which you can change your experience of change itself–which means, of course, your experience of life.

One thing you must keep in mind: The changes in your life are not going to stop. Change is what is–and there is no way to change that. What can be changed is the way you deal with change and the way you’re changed by change. That’s what this online course is about. With more than 80 journal questions, exercises, quizzes and assignments to help you internalize this remarkable material, there are also 23 beautiful movies based on the poems from the book, and a host of other items too numerous to list here.

Created to expand on the WECCE text and create an opportunity for you to delve more deeply into both the meaning and the nuance of that material, the Changing Change Course could be the most useful, the most helpful, the most powerful online experience you’ve ever had. Click here for a Free Preview

Happier Than God: Turn Ordinary Life into an Extraordinary Experience
A Step by Step Process for Overcoming the Obstacles to Lasting Happiness and True Joy

Whether you would call yourself a happy person or not, this course from Neale Donald Walsch will assist you in “turning up” your current level of happiness and in finding true, deep joy.

This 11 week course contains weekly lessons with detailed information on creating and maintaining real happiness in your life. The course includes powerful audio and video segments with Neale, activities to assist you in experientially feeling the shift, and an on-line journal to further your processing and retaining the invaluable information presented. This course also includes specific instructions to help you master the Steps to Being Happier Than God.

Topics Covered

  • Integration of the 17 Steps to Becoming Happier Than God
  • How to apply the 5 primary principals of finding joy
  • The Real Mechanism of Manifestation
  • The Step by Step Process of True Life Creation
  • The Multiplier Effect

Home with God

This course explores, at a greater depth than ever before, the process of death and dying, and the life hereafter. The dialogue at one point journeys into territory lying at the farthest frontier of spirituality: the cosmology of all life. It offers a breathtaking glimpse of Ultimate Reality, presented through metaphor. It reveals in simple, accessible language the reason and purpose for living, the nature of the journey upon which we are all embarked, and the extraordinary end to that journeyoan end that turns out to be not an end at all, but an ecstatic interlude in a glorious and ongoing experience, the full description of which staggers the imagination.

Communion with God

Not many people are aware of the life changing messages in Communion with God. After taking this online course, you won’t be one of them. This course takes this incredible book and breaks it down into amazing lessons that can change your life. It includes: lessons, exercises, flash meditations, flash movies, and other incredible features. This is a must course for anyone interested in taking the messages of CwG to a deeper personal level.

Living Your Purpose

What is your purpose? What does living right livelihood mean to you? This powerful course will take you through a process of discovering who you are and living the grandest version of the greatest vision you ever had about yourself.

Conversations with God – Book 1

Conversations with God Book 1 was read by millions of people worldwide. This course takes the best messages in the book and allows you to personally apply them to your life through 34 lessons, 34 insights from Neale Donald Walsch, and 34 exercises using a cutting edge online journal system. Go deeper in the message by signing up for this course today.

The CWG Library of Wisdom Courses on CD

Our wonderful friends at Wisdom CD have taken the “Spiritual Nuggets” from the life-changing CWG material and presented them in a way that will engage and inspire you using state-of-the-art audio and video presentations. This CWG Library of Courses on CD includes Living Your Purpose, Communion with God, Living Conversations with God, and Home with God. These four courses can be purchased individually, or in various combinations at a significant discount. They represent a vast library of wisdom that will give you hours and hours of enjoyment and enlightenment.

For more information on costs and to sign up for a course, go here www.nealedonaldwalsch.com/index.php?p=Store&c=eCourses.