Is there anything more urgent?

Is there anything more urgent? July 6, 2019

All we need is the tiniest bit of compassionate imagination to be able to see the problems posed by tribalism. The fact that so many in positions of authority (along with those who put them there) seem blind to the problem is the most devastating condemnation of our educational approaches and methodologies.

We face an educational emergency (I’ll add, to be clear: both INSIDE and outside the Church, since the Church in this country mimics and adapts to the pedagogical aims of the state).

Who will be brave enough to recognize that the children are our greatest treasure? Who will begin to embrace the mystery of childhood (or at the very least, take the time to observe children) in order to discover more human ways to respond to their needs for truth, peace, knowledge, integrity, meaning, and unity? And who will then dedicate and spend their lives in implementing the new and beautiful fruits that will grow from this embrace and observation? Who will the new educators be? Do we dare to hope for our future?


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