Bulletpoints of an Urban Thought

Bulletpoints of an Urban Thought August 21, 2013

“the State of Poverty and its pressure, births an unique willingness to alleviate its bonds”

Having been given an opportunity to survive an urban environment; it raises a person’s self-awareness to escape poverty, by having the following traits develop:

• Survival: create a foundation for sustainability
• Emotional Intelligence: one’s thought process; Baseerah (to have vision)
• Faith: a Will to believe relief is near
• an Intention: purpose, determination, volition to do good and contribute

These elements should be organized through discipline, structure, and faith. When interfaced with Will and Ability – doors open to new ideas, a desire to meet goals, an assertiveness or gumption is born and opportunity are given as rewards.

Urban quote, “Bad boys move in silence.” Normally this statement has been associated as an illicit ethic, but even bad boys know humility is vital to survival. A leader should not speak on his/her accomplishments and remind others of their charity. There are enough people that will make reference to her/his character. #beHumble

The effectiveness of your organized gifts will need:

• Prioritizing
• Task completion
• Being Trustworthy
• The ability to motivate an audience of volunteers, leadership of various communities, boards and  organizations

Urban life can and has opened bigger doors to new lifestyles.

Having a good sense of emotional intelligence can break the mental restraints  – to alleviate poverty. Remember without being grateful, have humility and share kindness; we will find ourselves by yourself – with an impoverished sense of  loneliness.

Wisdom Wednesday is a thought for social conversations and the sharing of an urban opinion, ideal, and/or Wisdom. All of us have a value worth sharing; it may motivate another to stop, continue and/ or begin a certain process in our personal or social development. 
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