Wednesday Wisdom Remembering Injustice

Wednesday Wisdom Remembering Injustice July 10, 2013

Remember Natasha Harling, 15 year old urban youth, shot and killed by a store owner. The store owner, Soon Ja Du; was only fined, given probation and community service for killing Natasha.

15 days after the shooting and killing of Natasha, we witnessed the video beaten of Rodney King, by Los Angeles Police officers; who were first acquitted of the crime caught-on-video. What seem to be an open and close case, sparked April 29th. I was then was then working in the field of telecommunications and dispatch radioed everyone, return to base! Los Angeles urban community began expressing the frustrations of police brutality, racism and social inequity – the 1992 LA RIOT. Not only Los Angeles residents, but the world expressed feelings of injustice.

February 26, 2012 Trayvon Martin was shoot and killed. Trayvon was shot dead in his heart. The suspicious ideals of George Zimmerman ended another urban youth’s life, over what?

Living urban life, innately we desire justice not only for ourselves, but any person having it hard in their urban community.

When internalizing the prophetic duties of Divine Messengers, they were sent to deliver a Divine Message, and a Mission to fulfill assisting people reach universal rights for all. Each era of time, societies have been given a trial; “for Mankind to Help mankind, to become apart of Mankind” Today without naming this long list, it’s so obvious who are in dire need of human rights

During this Ramadan, one of my prayers is for Justice to prevail for people under oppression; where ever social, civil and human rights are being denied and/or suppressed. #UseYourPower4JUSTICE…amin

Wisdom Wednesday are thoughts for social conversation and the sharing of honest opinions, ideals, and Wisdom. All of us have a value worth sharing; it may motivate another to stop, continue and/ or begin a certain process in our personal or social development.
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Wednesday Wisdom Remembering Injustice
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