Wisdom Wednesday…. Mistakes are mindful experiences

Wisdom Wednesday…. Mistakes are mindful experiences July 2, 2014

have your “mistakes” ignited a purpose?

Recognizing a purpose through a decision gone wrong; is this even logic – for some it is. Our mistakes and challenges are the errors that will also form the sentences of your story; each period, comma, and exclamation – will narrate an oral narrative of your life.

When reflecting on a mistake, most of us can dwell ourselves into an unproductive, and/or depressive behavior; which we may regret. Mainly because our choices did not produce the best outcome, making us feel there is no other way out, feeling less than average.

Alternatively… we have an option to #bemindful, an alternative state of mind to contemplate our realites, while remaining actively responsive ~ feeling positive. A place where the heart and mind mediates together, seeking out hidden light and those rescuing ideas. Searching the unseen for possibilities, but most of all we can use any mistake to develop #Wisdom ~ for a stronger application.

“Think your way out of discomfort!” AMCLI

Some mistakes can take years to resolve, some may even be permanent. Through it all remain mindful, at  in  utilizing your strengths. There is a saying, “diamonds are born    under pressure.” Now, let’s try to imagine this pressure in bulletpoints…

  • It’s an intense moment of solitude
  • A place where “thought” results in a transformation
  • Where Fear, Stupidity, Intellect, Anxiety, and Patience all occupy the heart; either protesting and/or encouraging the moment to “become.”

“Faith is like intelligence in that it differs from person to person…” Al Nawawi 40 Hadith Commentary, pg. 171

In this moment a designful imagination can benefit you, for the rest of your life ~ all because of a #mistake. Simply choose, not to allow a mistake to overcome and/or overwhelm your mindset, but used it as a stage of incubation reaching your purpose. In closing, let’s us strive and utilise our strengths to win and drive us into true human qualities, of being simply “You.”

“Establish weight with justice And fall not short in the balance.” Qu’ran 55:9

Note: “fall not short…”



Wisdom Wednesday are thoughts for social conversation and the sharing of honest opinions, ideals, and Wisdom. All of us have a value worth sharing; that may motivate another person to stop, continue and/ or begin a certain process of personal or social development. #tohavevision

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Wisdom Wednesday…. Mistakes are mindful experiences
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Wisdom Wednesday…. Mistakes are mindful experiences

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